Chargers aren’t exactly winning the “Fight for L.A.” yet

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The Chargers will spend the first three seasons of their return to Los Angeles playing in a 27,000-seat soccer stadium (it was originally characterized as 30,000; apparently, they rounded up). The Chargers may have a hard time filling it up with Chargers fans.

Via Ryan Phillips of, both of the preseason games played at the StubHub Center failed to come close to selling out. Last Sunday, 21,054 tickets were sold for a game against the Seahawks. This Sunday, 21,197 tickets were sold for a game against the Saints.

Ticket sales and actual attendance are two different things, especially since season-ticket holders typically must buy seats to the preseason games in order to get seats for all of the regular-season games. But wouldn’t the curiosity factor draw fans to the venue for the first two games there, regardless of whether the games count?

None of this means that the Chargers will have empty seats starting in September, when the games do count. But there’s a chance that the fans of the opposing teams will be seen in relatively large numbers — and that given the size of the venue and the proximity of the seating area to the field they’ll be heard, too.

40 responses to “Chargers aren’t exactly winning the “Fight for L.A.” yet

  1. If two teams have a “fight” over a city that doesn’t care about either of them, does anyone care? Kind of like two guys fighting over a hot chick that has already said she won’t date either of them.

  2. Anyone could’ve told Spanos and the owners this well before they agreed to move. This will blow up in their faces and they’ll end up right back in San Diego in 2-3 years.


  3. I doubt they will end up back in SD, but this is looking like a sorry move. The Chargers still have plenty of fans in SD, but seriously who wants to make that drive, on a Sunday night, when most people have to work on Monday? Seems like a bad move to me, especially since LA hasn’t proven it can support one team, but they are committed now. They need to figure out how to make it work.

  4. Oh and not concerned that LA has picked up on them yet. They haven’t even played a regular season in LA. That fan base thing takes some time.

  5. The owners messed this up big time! If they were going to move any team to Vegas? It was supposed to be the Chargers! But I know the Rams wanted no parts of sharing the market or should I say, getting a piece of the LA Raider market…. The Las Vegas Raiders will steal fans from both the Rams & Chargers too, so I don’t understand the thinking at all of this rearrangement….. I can’t wait to see the Los Angeles game with the Raiders and Chargers in that 27,000 seat stadium, because that could turn into a hazarding disaster! Let’s hope they could move this game to the Rose Bowl, Dodger stadium or Anaheim in keeping the fans safe!

  6. Spanos cut off his nose to spite his face. The Chargers franchise is all but dead….

  7. The Chargers could generate some good publicity in La-la land if the team was sold to Paris Hilton. After all, her grandpa was the original owner when the Chargers started out in Los Angeles in 1960.

  8. LA is Lakers first and USC second. When the Dodgers are good, watch everyone don a
    new Dodger cap. Ever see an old worn out one? Kroenke bet on build a house and they fans will come. Well too many people in LA could care less about football. not the subpar product put out by Spanos and Kroenke.

  9. Yup…..the Chargers need to be sold by Spanos to a San Antonio or St Louis group. There is NO way they will survive in LA. They can’t go back to home to San Diego,because they won’t build a stadium. This may be the 1st NFL team ever to go bankrupt.

  10. Most of the season tix were likely bought by agencies for resale. Doubt there will be more than 5-10k actual Chargers fans at any given game

  11. who has $600 bucks for 2 seats to a preseason game to satisfy curiosity?

    the bigger question is who has $600 bucks for a regular season game…fans of visiting teams maybe.

  12. Reddzen says who wants to make that drive? There are fans in every NFL city over 100 miles away from the teams location who make the drive to the game every week so what are you talking about? I know people in San Diego are so rich that is beneath them to make an hour and a half drive to see a game, the horror I know. What an idiotic statement

  13. What if…………………the Chargers cannot fill up the 30,000 seat stub hub regularly in the next 3 years? Do you know what that means when they get into the new stadium? 20,000 fans in a 70,000 seat stadium. Watch an Oakland A’s game to get an idea what that looks like. Empty

  14. thermanmerman99 says:
    August 21, 2017 at 11:31 am
    Reddzen says who wants to make that drive? There are fans in every NFL city over 100 miles away from the teams location who make the drive to the game every week so what are you talking about? I know people in San Diego are so rich that is beneath them to make an hour and a half drive to see a game, the horror I know. What an idiotic statement


    you do understand that people in San Diego HATE Los Angeles, HATE Spanos and most now HATE the Chargers. it is not comparable to living in Augusta and trekking to Atlanta for Falcons games. not to mention the traffic is some of the worst traffic in the world.

  15. LA is Raiders country whether people want to admit it or not.

    It’s going to be like crap in the NFL’s bed when the Raiders roll into LA to play either team, but especially the Chargers.

  16. What I saw last night in Carson was tragic, and expected. A team with little emotion “stranded” in a strange venue. Their over-all play was bad. Spanos is nowhere to be seen. The fans are curiously quiet.The re-location is unraveling. Here’s what Spanos must do:
    1. Begin planning to return to Qualcomm for the 2018 season.
    2. Begin Qualcomm RENOVATION NOW with recovered funds and assistance from the NFL. It will cost $400 million to bring it up to very acceptable NFL standards. The Chargers can now use this unfortunate move to its advantage by renovating Qualcomm beginning now while they’re playing in Carson.
    3. Apologize to San Diego and NFL fans in general. American are forgiving of mistakes..even terrible one’s.

  17. If any of the players are from the state of Texas they probably played in front of bigger crowds in high school.

  18. raiduhs says:
    August 21, 2017 at 10:04 am
    ….Hate to break it to you but LA s team is the Silver and Black…Just Win BABY.
    you little gangsters need to focus on removing that tarp before you go claiming any more “hoods”
    but ill give you this – you own compton – and thats about it. great accomplishment… slingin yay and wearing raiders & gold teeth crooked hats with pants so low looks like a childs dirty diaper!

  19. “the bigger question is who has $600 bucks for a regular season game…fans of visiting teams maybe.”

    600 for tix
    40+ for parking
    10+ for a beer
    15+ for a sandwich
    7+ for a soda
    10+ for a hot dog

    You’re over 700 before you even sit down in your seat. This sort of cost combined with large, flat screen HD tvs are among the many factors driving people away from the stadiums

  20. For those bashing LA. Picture you in your nice house/ apartment just living normally when a super obnoxious greedy rich guy just moves into your neighborhood. No one wanted this guy because he destroyed the previous area he was in. He just moved in, not to the biggest house, but one of the smaller ones, but still makes big waves now in your neighborhood.

    That’s Dean Spanos and the Chargers. No one wants the Chargers. They’ll get a few fans mainly for the novelty factor.

  21. Let’s see. How to watch the LA Chargers.
    Drive up the 405 to get on the El Segundo freeway and hopelessly stuck in traffic while choking on the LA smog. Meanwhile, plenty of lanes to Qualcomm stadium and the air is clear in America’s finest City, San Diego. Yea, you really messed up big time, Mr. Spanos ..

  22. The Chargers will be in London soon enough , this is a under the table deal with the league , I think the deal was made two seasons ago … The NFL doesn’t care about the fans only the cash . The London Chargers sound lousy to me but it will happen

  23. One of the main reasons other teams showed up at Qualcomm were the ticket prices. 45-80 for cheapo to 150-250 for good seats! Patriot friends said it be cheaper to buy a plane ticket and fly to SD and buy a ticket than it buy in New England. Not so much anymore.

    Try doing that with $300-400 tickets. In LA

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