Jets will pick starting quarterback next Monday


The Jets play the Giants in their third preseason game of the summer next Saturday and that will be the final chance for the team’s quarterbacks to make their case for the starting job.

Coach Todd Bowles said that he will make his decision next Monday about which player will be in the lineup when the Jets travel to Buffalo to kick off the 2017 season.

Bowles didn’t give any hints about who will get the nod, but the safe bet is that Josh McCown will get the nod. While Christian Hackenberg didn’t get much help from his teammates while making a start against the Lions over the weekend, he also didn’t do much to suggest that he’s ready to step into the starting role at the beginning of his second season. McCown did not play in that game, but led the Jets to a touchdown on his only drive of the preseason opener.

Given Hackenberg’s status as a second-round pick and the likelihood that the Jets are going to struggle to win games, it’s also a safe bet that he’ll get chances to start at some point over the course of the season even if it is just to confirm that the Jets have to do whatever they can to find a long-term solution at the position come the offseason.

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  1. In a time honored tradition, the Jets will make the selection by picking the first QB they can find hiding somewhere in their facility. Supposedly Fitzpatrick became the starter in 2015 when his ginger beard gave him away from deep inside a bin of dirty jock straps.

  2. Maybe Hackenberg didn’t do much to win the job but he wasn’t terrible either and that should be enough to start him. What do you gain by starting MCCown.

    Even if Hack is terrible that’s still a win because at least now you know what you have, or don’t have.

  3. Not that it really matters, but to the person that wrote that “Hackenberg didn’t do much to win the job but he wasn’t terrible either”, I have no idea what you were watching?!!! I have said, and I’m serious, that I don’t know if I’ve ever seen worse pocket presence, inability to go through reads, and an inability to make the throw, even if all the others come together. He only hit a RB on a drop down pass twice against Detroit and missed by a mile on every pass to an actual receiver. Almost every snap was a blooper highlight. In the end, it doesn’t matter, because the JETS are BAD!!! But there’s no way he wasn’t terrible.

  4. eeny meeny miney moe,
    pick a QB who can throw
    if he has a butt fumble
    let him go …..
    eeny meeny, miney, moe

  5. I love how the circus has remained in town for so long in Joisey. To see Jets fans suffer for all of their cheating sins with Woody Johnson, is a delight to watch.

  6. 1) the Jets need to tank, so start Hackenberg, not McCown who might win an extra 1-2 games and cause the Jets to not get the #1 pick.

    2) McCown will be gone next year, and nothing is gained by starting him. Start Hackenberg and Petty and give them real experience. If they bust, so be it, at least they get a chance, and maybe there is a 5% chance one of them is so-so.

  7. If the goal is to finish dead last so you get the 1st overall pick in the draft, then start Hackenberg, if your goal is to win about 3 games and possibly not finish dead last, then McCowan is your starter. How hard can this be?

  8. The Jets should sign Kaepernick and then make him convert to WR. That would really fan the flames of that fire!!!!
    But I would love it!

  9. Playing McCown does nothing for this team and Christian Hackenberg makes Paxton Lynch look like Joe Montana. It should be Bryce Petty. This team wants to be in position to draft one of the elite QB prospects in next year’s draft, and the only way to get there is to be bad, real bad.

  10. Full on tanking isn’t that common in the NFL–the Browns are the exception of late. But there is losing, and there is LOSING. Get blown out more than a few times and its hard to bring back the head coach or the staff. But if you DON’T commit to the tank, you might miss out on the top player you badly need to turn around the team.

    In the Jets case, they badly need a franchise QB. Although they also need a left tackle, so…thats bad. A

    But the head coach and GM are kind of on the hot seat and while the owner claims to be ok with the rebuilding, if they aren’t competitive at all….pressure will mount for the owner to fire everybody and start over. Its kind of a bad idea because there is literally no way to know if anyone GOOD would take the Jets job, and the Jets needed to get a lot younger.

    I wish I knew why they took Hackenberg so high, or Bryce Petty over Brett Hundley. Or Hackenberg over Dak Prescott!

    But everybody wishes they had taken Prescott earlier.

  11. Very good point–as a spread QB the adjustment for Lynch is much tougher…

    but guys get drafted on the basis of physical talent, not if they can take snaps under center and run an NFL offense.

    Given limited playing time, it is not fair to label Lynch a bust–he really does need time to adjust to a pro offense.

    Problem is, more than ever the NFL is a win now league. Draft picks, especially 1st round QBs, don’t get the luxury to sit on the bench and learn these days. Well, it is much tougher to sit them when the clock is ticking on that rookie contract.

    And for Aaron Rodgers, he would not have sat so long if he wasn’t behind Brett Farve.

    Lynch still has lots of physical tools. But hard to say if he will ever get shot in Denver at this point.

  12. “Jets will pick starting quarterback next Monday”

    I think someone should pull them aside and let them know the draft is in April…

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