Doug Pederson: LeGarrette Blount “a big part of our offense”

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If Eagles running back LeGarrette Blount is on the bubble in Philadelphia, somebody should probably tell coach Doug Pederson.

Becuase Pederson praised the veteran back’s work, and suggested that he’s not really on the bubble at all.

Via Tom Pelissero of the NFL Network, Pederson was asked about Blount’s possible roster status, the Eagles coach said: “The guy’s a beast of a runner.”

Pederson also said he expects Blount to be “a big part of our offense.”

After getting rid of Ryan Mathews, Blount is the one known commodity for the Eagles in the backfield, at least in terms of being a power back. He carried it 299 times for the Patriots last year, and ran for 18 touchdowns. But they let the 30-year-old walk in free agency, which made plenty of people wonder if Bill Belichick had sold at the right time again.

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  1. Took him 299 carries to get 1100 yards. 18 TDs so don’t get me wrong, he’s a great short yardage back, but based on what Wendell Smallwood has done in camp and last year I would like to see what he can do with a lead role. He’s dynamic.

  2. If he doesn’t show anything this week he should be gone. Give Smallwood a chance. He is an aging running back whose upside is solely as a short yardage back.

    The Patriots know that his best years are behind him, so should the eagles.

  3. Smallwood got injured reading these comments. I kid but sure, Smallwood needs a chance but he can’t produce if scratched for injury. Plus, Blount’s here on a 1-year deal… there’s no commitment to the guy where he has to be the man in the backfield.

    There’s no meat on this bone, guys.

  4. Is it sad that the guy I’m most excited about is Corey Clement, the undrafted rookie from LSU?

  5. Blount is a really big, heavy back that has lost a step or two. His YPC has a steady downward trend over the past 3 years.

    I’m not saying that he’s all done. But at this point he’s pretty limited. He can be a 2 down banger between the tackles and a decent short yardage/goal line back. If you’re expecting much else, you’ll be disappointed.

  6. Doh. Wisconsin, not LSU. I’d rather see Clement make them team than Pumphrey.

  7. Blount is still an upgrade for a lot of teams in the league – come September he’ll be playing somewhere.

  8. Blount’s value shows if he can be sprung into the opponent’s backfield where his size and speed overpowers defensive backs. He is only average at actually penetrating the line.

  9. They’ll obviously need a number of backs, RB depth is a must. Mathews would give them 8 games at best, eagles could find production elsewhere at a cheaper cost. No brainer.

  10. I like Blount. He’s a decent runner, but very one dimensional. He was never asked to block and he’s not a pass catcher. That might be why Belichick thought his value was somewhere around $2 million.

  11. None of this will matter if Doug doesn’t run him between the tackles.

    Nothing more frustrating for Eagles fans than watching a north-south / between-the-tackles runner trying to run a play designed to make him turn the corner or cut back. It just doesn’t work.

  12. I like Blount, but I hope the team is realistic in how they decide to use him. During his preseason games thus far (I know, it’s preseason), I was getting flashbacks to the Demarco Murray disaster two seasons ago. I don’t see Blount as the workhorse every-down back.

  13. He’s a big part of the offense in the sense that a) he’s big and b) he plays offense.

    Best bet he’s a TD vulture/short yardage guy. He’ll make the roster, as Pumphrey/Sproles are tiny, and Smallwood/Clement are both right around 200lbs and 5’10.

  14. Let’s relax with the “belichick sold at the right time again” belichick made him a qualifying offer which means he wanted him on the team. Eagles gave him a better offer.

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