Is Anquan Boldin a Hall of Famer?

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Kurt Warner thinks he is. The numbers suggest that he has a better case for it than Calvin Johnson.

Ultimately, the decision will be made as to whether receiver Anquan Boldin gets in to Canton.

But while the voters must wait five years to have the official debate, we can start now: Yes or no, is Boldin a Hall of Famer?

Cast a vote below. Chris Simms and I will argue about it during the 7:00 a.m. ET hour of PFT Live. And then, eventually, one of us will be proven right, and the other will be proven wrong.

31 responses to “Is Anquan Boldin a Hall of Famer?

  1. Boldin was a great player, but not a HOF player by my measure. Too many receivers waiting in line and he was not the primary receiver on a team many years. Of course I also disagreed with Terrell Davis going in but that was because lack of playing years…

  2. Better case than Calvin Johnson?

    Johnson averaged 15.9 ypc; Boldin 12.8 ypc. In 135 games, Johnson had 83 TDs. It took Boldin 202 games just to get to 82 TDs. Johnson was double-teamed most of his career–Boldin was not because from 2004-2009, he had Larry Fitzgerald on the other side.

    This doesn’t denigrate or diminish Boldin’s fine career, but saying he’s more worthy than Calvin Johnson is ludicrous.

  3. Toughest of his era with great numbers. This guy exploded onto the scene and played at a high level for a long time. Played the beginning of his career when DBs and LBs could actually play defense and abused them. He made Joe Flaco the highest paid player in the NFL at one point.

  4. He’ll probably get in – I’d vote “borderline-but-no”, but then I’d say no to over half that do get in, especially Kurt Whiner! And whenever I hear about these borderline cases, a name that never gets mentioned is Troy Brown – the last great true all-rounder who played in all 3 phases for the Pats throughout (and who was also the emergency QB). Stats don’t really recognise all-rounders – and in the modern era true all-rounders are virtually unheard of. Another unspoken name is my cousin Vinny – how many QBs do you know won games for SEVEN different NFL teams? (8, if you count a 2nd spell with Jets). If I go to the Hall of Fame I’d rather read about cool guys like Vinny and Brown than some wideout who just made it into the 14th spot in all-time yardage, taking 14yrs and picking up 1 ring.

  5. If Terrell Davis is in the HOF, then the bar is surely lowered to include guys like this. At least he never took money under the table to circumvent the salary cap.

  6. Is this a real question?? Man the bar is getting low….how long did it take Chris Carter and Tim Brown??

  7. the hall of fame is becoming a bit of a joke as far as inducting players who were very good but not worthy of the hall. In my opinion the player has to be a true superstar to be in the hall.

  8. For the prime of his career, he was the second receiver, opposite Larry Fitzgerald and never had the double team on him. Only had one year of double digit touchdowns. He was a top 5 receiver in the league maybe once. He was a very good player, but putting him in lowers the bar a bit.

  9. Loved the guy in Purple and Black.

    For me, I think the HoF is for men who change the game. I don’t think Boldin was as spectacular as Calvin Johnson, more that he was a productive player for a good period of time. He had 7 1000+ seasons, sporadically throughout his career. He had one year with more than 15 ypc. Most of it was work done in the flat or lb zone underneath. I would pick wes welker over boldin, in that role.

    Just don’t think he deserves a jacket, sorry 😦

  10. Close, but no. Was never the guy on his team.

    If you start lowering the bar all the time, you will have to start letting a lot of people in who aren’t really HOF level.

    It’s bad enough 3 Yard Bettis and Dungy are in there. Kurt Warner and Terell Davis are also question marks while others deserve to be in.

  11. It’s really going to depend on who he’s up against in any given enshrinement year. There are better players who aren’t in yet but there are worse players who are already in. He might get in eventually. It wouldn’t be a shock.

  12. That’s the issue with HOF voting. The HOF is suppose to be individual honors. You have a guy like Lynn Swann,

    Lynn Swann

    Lynn Curtis Swann

    Position: WR

    Hall of Fame
    3x Pro Bowl 1x All-Pro 4x SB Champ

    If these are HOF NUMBERS…..Boldin belongs in ..Swamms in because of Steelers S Bowl wins……….

  13. Really really good receiver, yes. Hall of Fame receiver, no. Even at his best, there was never a season that he was the best receiver in the league. Most of his career he wasn’t even the best receiver on his own team There are a lot of receivers who are going to have numbers when they retire over the next few years, not all of them are hall worthy. You can’t compare guys from the last 15 year to Art Monk on numbers alone, it’s a different era.

  14. Using aggregate stats in the modern era doesn’t make sense. Two examples from the QB side of things.

    Vinny Testaverde is No. 11 all time in passing yards with 46,233. Drew Bledsoe is No. 13 all time with 44,611 yards. Kerry Collins is No. 16 all time with 40,922 yards. Dave Krieg is No. 19 all time with 38,147 yards.

    The common denominator? They all played a long time–ranging from 13 to 20 years. Are any of them Hall of Famers based upon gross stats? No.

    Is Fred Taylor, Steven Jackson, Corey Dillon, Warrick Dunn, Jamal Lewis, or Thomas Jones a Hall of Fame RB? They all rushed for more than 10,000 yards in their career and are ranked between Nos. 17 and 25.

    Being at or near the top of an all time list doesn’t make a player a HOFer.

  15. We’ve come to the point where the NFL’s rule changes in the late 90’s to hamstring defenses in favor of fantasy football and lots of points has produced “good” receivers with “HOF” reception numbers. I really like Boldin. I would put him in but not first ballot. He was always a #2 receiver on any team he was on.

  16. The talk of Calvin Johnson not being a HOF is ridiculous… for a 6 year stretch he was the toughest WR cover in football.

    What Boldin has going for him is longevity. He was barely a top 20 wr in any of the 83 years he has been playing in the NFL. He played in 15 seasons compared to Johnson
    s 9 and had 1 less 1,000 yard season than Johnson and 1 less TD… how could anyone reasonably argue Boldin over Johnson!?!

    If Terrell Davis can make it on the strength of 3-4 really good seasons… I think Johnson should be a lock on the strength of his 9.

  17. As kamthechancellor noted above, the NFL has become the Madden/EASports League with the rules guaranteeing gaudy numbers by anyone with any kind of skills. The Hall of Fame has become a joke. It is now the Hall of Kinda Really Good. But, if cris carter is in – and carter’s bust should be a life-sized Randy Moss cradling a tiny cris carter in his arms – then Boldin should get in.

  18. Moss
    Marvin Harrison
    Andre Johnson
    Megatron.. those are the receivers people that will be remembered from his era.

    Too many greats in this time frame. Only the elite should get be elected.

    I won’t be a bit surprised if the Veterans Committee puts him 20 years from now.

  19. If Terrell Davis can make it on the strength of 3-4 really good seasons…

    2 of those seasons he was the best player in football and he carried his team to Super Bowl wins.

    In 3 seasons (1996-1998) he racked up 6100 yards from scrimmage and 53 tds. In the post-season over that span, he added almost 1300 yards from scrimmage and 12 tds.. in only 8 games!

    He was well on his way to Canton before his knee injuries.

    I do think it would have been a better precident if the Veterans Committee elected him. But what difference does it make in the end?!

  20. Surprised the PFT crowd thinks he is. He was super slightly above average consistently for a long time without ever being great. Does that make you a hall of famer now?

    If so, Frank Gore also deserves to be in. But really, neither were ever considered “one of the bests” of their time.

  21. If so, Frank Gore also deserves to be in. But really, neither were ever considered “one of the bests” of their time.

    Gore is 10th all-time in yards from scrimmage.

    He needs 41 yards to pass Thurman Thomas.

    He gained more yards than;

    Tony Dorsett
    Eric Dickerson
    Jerome Bettis
    and Jim Brown

    .. I would say Gore has a MUCH better case than Boldin.

  22. You can’t compare current WR and QB stats to the greats in history because the NFL has altered the rules in the last 15 years to really make this a passing league. Andre Reed was 2nd all time in receptions to Jerry Rice when he retired. He was THE target on the winningest team in the 90s and instrumental in leading the Bills to 4 straight Super Bowls – which will never be done again. It took him a decade to get in. Tim Briwn had over 1000 catches during his Raiders career and it took him that long to get in. Let’s look at Boldin’s numbers in 5 years when he is eligible for the HOF and see where he ranks. Great character person but a member of the Hall of Very Good only.

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