Jay Cutler admits all the losing in Chicago wore him out


If it looked at times like Jay Cutler wasn’t having fun in Chicago, well perhaps there’s a reason for that.

The now-Dolphins quarterback admitted Monday that his eight seasons in Chicago began to wear on him — between the injuries and the constant losing.

“I think you can talk about anybody in the league, no one likes to lose, no one likes going through those situations,” Cutler said, via Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald. “Those are tough. They wear you down. But that wasn’t the sole reason . . . I mean, they released me, so it was kind of end of the road at that point.”

The early highs of his early days with the Bears (reaching the NFC Championship Game) gave way to a bad ending, as he was 12-23 in his last 35 starts and had to deal with injuries.

But now, recovered from his shoulder surgery and back with coach Adam Gase, he was excited to start a new chapter. That it meant leaving his brief retirement and broadcasting career was tough, but Cutler says he never lost his love for the game.

“Just kind of channeled it in a different direction,” he said of his enthusiasm. “I still wanted to be in football, still wanted to be around it, and I was going to have that opportunity through FOX. Once this new opportunity [arose], it seemed like an absolute fit for me.”

“I always missed [the game]. I think I’ve always said that there were going to be days I missed it and days I was content with my decision. There was never a week that went by that I didn’t think about playing football. Did I make the right decision? Did I not make the right decision? That’s kind of life. There’s always situations that come up that you’re not sure which direction to go. You just gotta pick one and roll with it. I was just lucky enough that something like this happened for me.”

He sounds genuinely relieved to be in a good situation. Even if he doesn’t always look the part.

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  1. Dear Jay,

    Watching you play football in Chicago wore on many of us Bears fans as well. Sure the first few seasons weren’t terrible but that was because we weren’t smart yet. We hadn’t yet figured out that for the next 5 years you would find new and ever imaginative ways to lose games. Every year started out the same way. We’d hear about how well you could “sling” it. We watched in horror as you managed to overthrow not one but 2 receivers whom were both 6’5. Joe Flacco must’ve been truly jealous. Worry not Dolphins fans there will always be room at Jay Cutler anonymous.

  2. Well that’s how it is in Chicago and Detroit lately, well for sixty years in Detroit. Stafford will be the next one saying the same thing about Detroit, just like Calvin stated recently. Chicago isn’t nearly as embarrassing as Detroit. Detroit hasn’t won anything since 1957 except one playoff game with Barry Sanders in ’91.

  3. thats funy, as a Bears fan we got tired of him throwing the ball to anyone that wasnt wearing a Bers uniform. I will still defend Jay but when he talks about his time here, he should do a bit of personal reflection as well.

  4. Because you know, he didn’t have anything to do with it. Worst kind of so called leader who never takes responsibility for anything while stealing over $100 million.

  5. Jay, you were part of the many problems…..the Bears have been a dumpster fire since the 90’s because of poor drafting and coaching.

  6. The thing is a few of those later years we started of 7-1 and 7-3 (iirc) and when he got hurt things went downhill. I hated Martz, but we were scoring a ton of points, but he was getting creamed.
    I will say this; he’s a tough son of a gun, but you would’ve thought his decision making would have improved.

  7. As a Bears fan I have followed the team closely for a very long time and can honestly say that although Jay had plenty of faults he was surrounded by garbage throughout his stay in Chicago. From having Devin Hester as the #1 receiver, horrible O-lines, and bad coaching (Tice, Martz as coordinators and Tresman as a HC) few could have succeeded. Cutler was never going to be a hall of fame QB but he was the best QB Chicago has had in a long time. Here’s hoping him success in Miami and hoping Chicago not only has a truly great qb in Trubisky but that the Bears take better care of him then they did Cutler.

  8. The Broncos were smart enough to dump this guy. The bears were dumb enough to trade for this guy.

    I mean, what team in the NFL has ever traded a young “franchise” QB before, especially when they didn’t have another QB waiting in the wings?

    Denver told us everything we needed to know but the bears were simply too stupid to understand. They wasted nearly a decade trying to win a title with this guy.

  9. I thought he looked like the second coming of Elway the short time he was in Denver. But the “mini-genius” from the Pats wanted Tebow. Nuff said.

  10. Ahhh…if you want to congratulate Denver on Trading Culter that’s great, but let’s remember it was the Denver that hired ole Josh McDaniels. And after running Jay out of town, Josh used one of the teams multiple 1st round picks on Tebow, so let’s stop talking for a while Champ.

    Jay is still the best accomplished QB in Bears history statistically speaking…and that explains the pain of us Bears fans.

  11. thedudefile ,

    Sounds like McDaniels was exactly right about him, and hate to be technical, but Jay and Tebow have the same number of playoff wins. You can knock him all you want, but a lot of those players who just won the Super Bowl a couple of years ago on defense were acquired when he was in charge of everything. Also, kind of sick and tired of this he didn’t have anybody around him. If you call a borderline HOF receiver and another 6′ 5″ young receiver who put up numbers with Matt Forte in their prime nothing with a top 10 defense early in his time there nothing, okay, that line of thinking works. Maybe if he wasn’t stealing so much money, they could have put more around him.

  12. We will see. The problem in Chicago was you could not lead. You had plenty of opportunities to succeed but you just seemed to not care. And the fans could see it every week. You were the most hated man in the league for a reason. We will see what you do in Miami, but my guess there will be some kind of excuse before the season ends. Jay Cutler= great arm, no pocket presence and No leadership skills. period.

  13. Holy Jesus…comparing Cutler to Tebow based on one playoff win…seriously? And John Elway won the Super Bowl on coat tails of Josh McDaniels????


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