Kenny Stills isn’t kneeling for anthem, but he respects those who are

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Even though he’s no longer kneeling for the national anthem, Dolphins wide receiver Kenny Stills notices when others do.

So when a dozen Browns players formed a multi-cultural prayer circle last night hit a knee, Stills definitely noticed.

It’s encouraging to see other people getting involved,” Stills said, via Lorenzo Reyes of USA Today. “I feel like it’s pretty alarming that we have a league that’s majority African-American, and we didn’t have many guys that were getting involved. So I was pretty excited and encouraged by that. People are saying that they were praying for our country; I support that as well. I’m encouraged to see people getting involved and hope that they start taking the action and get involved in their community.”

Stills kneeled throughout last season, but decided he wasn’t going to continue last year.

“I felt people were being distracted by the kneeling and not seeing the work that we were doing, and that’s what it’s all about,” Stills said. “The narrative was going the wrong way, and I just wanted to get it going back the right way. And I think the guys that are kneeling, as long as they start getting themselves involved in the community and start getting to work, then people can’t really have anything negative to say about that.”

Stills has put his activism into action, and is one of the more active Dolphins players in the community (winning the team’s service award). He has held town halls with players and coaches and police and civilians, and has ridden along with local police there to learn more about their world.

16 responses to “Kenny Stills isn’t kneeling for anthem, but he respects those who are

  1. Once again, if you are an anthem “respecter” how about going after the hundreds of people milling about the stadium concourses while the anthem is played? Have the courage to walk right up to them. That’s your perfect opportunity to express your disappointment face to face to someone who you believe is being disrespectful. If you love the anthem/flag so much you shouldn’t be scared to stand up for your beliefs.

  2. In a way I’m glad you media guys beat this horse beyond death, the whole kneeling thing has officially jumped the shark and we can get back to actual football drama.

  3. Respect to Stills. Unlike some of the other players who knelt last season, he along with Michael Thomas has been doing some great things in the community on a regular basis. Helping people and showing that actions speak louder than words. Anyone can kneel or say what they want to say on social media, but to actually go out and help people from all walks of life and put actions to those words is truly special.

    As a Dolphins fans I am very proud of the team I support (from a different state). From the owner all the way down to the players, this organization is always in the community helping people and showing that we should all care about each other regardless of color. People can get on here and make fun of Stephen Ross all they want but go look up all of the charitable things he has done and how he spends his money to help those in need and to bring people together.

  4. “Football players being paid on my dollar are not the same as the average guy on the concourse”.

    In other words, you’re scared of that guy on the concourse. If you’re claiming to be such an anthem defender you should be willing enforce all the requirements, including the hand over the heart. But you’ve never rebuked anyone close to you that didn’t put their hand over their heart, have you?

  5. “Football players being paid on my dollar”.

    Interesting. I thought all of you guys were claiming that the teams employed the players, and therefore the teams had the right to control workplace activities. Now you tell us that you are paying the players. Why aren’t enforcing whatever rules that you want to on the players that you’re paying?

  6. “I find it hilarious how many people crush Kaepernick…yet support the “free speech” rights of white supremacists”.

    That’s because those people are white supremacists.

  7. These guys are just like Jackie Robinson and Jesse Owens and Rosa Parks and Muhammad Ali! Oh wait, the first guy was a selfish jerk who hates America, hates cops, tells kids not to vote and to hate cops and white people, and loves Cuba. Everyone else is now pretty much just protesting his imaginary right to work as an NFL QB now, right?

    This is some groundbreaking stuff. I get Kaepernick and Dr King mixed up all the time. They are like the same exact person, right? I think we should be comparing Kaepernick to Jesus and Lincoln next. He is such a hero. No one can go 4-20 in his last 24 starts like a mixed up kid who was raised by rich white people in the suburbs, made millions, is dating a celebrity, has entitled college professor mentors, and 30% of America worshiping him. (mostly the ones who don’t like football)

    I don’t see why the Jets don’t want a circus so they can go 2-14 instead of 1-15!
    Why don’t the Ravens put in a brand new offense so he can go 2-6 if Flacco misses 8 games.
    Better yet, he could go to Seattle so Russell Wilson can be undermined by SJWs like Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett, so Kaep could go 3-5 in their last 8 to miss the playoffs!
    Its like these owners, GMs, and coaches know football or something!

  8. If they REALLY wanted to help, they would tell people that if a cop tells you to put your hands up, get down on the ground, do what they say!

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