Odell Beckham Jr. relieved it’s only a sprain

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Odell Beckham Jr. expressed relief to come out of Monday night’s game with only a sprained ankle. It initially looked — and apparently felt — worse than what it was.

That’s a great word,” the Giants receiver said when asked if he was “relieved,” via video from northjersey.com.

Beckham will undergo more tests on his left ankle Tuesday, but X-rays were negative. He expects to play against the Cowboys, using sarcasm when asked about his injured ankle being healed in time for the season opener.

“I don’t know, man,” Beckham said. “I’m pretty concerned, but I think I’ll be all right. . . . It definitely was a little bit [of sarcasm].”

As Beckham planted his left leg on an 18-yard catch in the second quarter, Browns cornerback Briean Boddy-Calhoun hit Beckham’s leg. Beckham threw the football, after gingerly rising from the turf, in frustration at the injury or in anger at the hit or both. He wouldn’t say whether he felt the hit was dirty, though it was legal.

“I don’t know,” Beckham said. “It’s just football I guess. Preseason.”

Beckham was cleared of a concussion after undergoing a cognitive evaluation — “I know what today is. I know what happened yesterday. I know who we played last week. So I’m all right.” — but he wouldn’t say whether the ankle injury is a high-ankle sprain.

“I didn’t go to school in anatomy, kinesiology,” he said. “I’m not a doctor. I think they know the answer to that, so when you find out, let me know.”

The way Beckham dropped to his knees in the tunnel, near the Giants’ locker room, had everyone associated with the Giants holding their collective breath. But he returned to the sideline in street clothes, walking normally, allowing even Beckham to breathe easier.

“It feels like a sprained ankle,” Beckham said when asked how it felt after the game. “I don’t know. A rolled ankle. I don’t know. If feels like when you hurt your ankle. That’s kind of what it feels like. It’ll be all right.

20 responses to “Odell Beckham Jr. relieved it’s only a sprain

  1. “everyone associated with the Giants holding their collective breath”

    If “everyone” is pinning their present and future successes on this temperamental, overrated child, then they are in for rude surprise.

  2. Don’t worry Giants fans, i hear that if Beckham is not able to play against the Cowboys in the opening game of the season, that the Chairman of the NFL Management Council Executive Committee MARA has already talked to Goodell about the Cowboys having an unfair advantage. Citing the spirit of equality during all NFL games. Apparently the Cowboys are going to have to sit Dez and Witten along with Zeke to make it a fair game.

  3. the G-women have dodged 2 bullets with Sheppard & OBJ not being seriously injured. I think this might be one of those fluke years where everything works out for them.

  4. What was he doing out there into the second quarter anyway?

    Is there anything he can do in a game that he couldn’t do in practice? It’s not like he isn’t on an island outside there, or that he doesn’t have better corners to match up against everyday on his own team.

    The person you should be really interviewing is his idiot head coach

  5. If the league is punishing high hits, then DBs have to go low. This was legal hit, and a textbook tackle. Just part of the game.

  6. Clean hit…. yeah. But it’s preseason and it’s really not too cool to target a man’s knees. Kudos to OBJ for keeping his cool for a change. That hit was a potential career-ender… in preseason. Trashy move by the corner back.

  7. Indybear says:
    August 22, 2017 at 6:54 am

    …temperamental, overrated…
    Temperamental, yes. Overrated? The numbers speak for themselves.


  8. technically a legal hit but also a cheap shot. i agree with landon collins.

    and gregg williams is a piece of garbage too.

  9. That interview was super awkward and he is most definitely a diva, but that hit would have snapped most guys fibulas in half. He’s definitely right to be relieved.

  10. @ mogogo1 says:

    “He was given a concussion test after a hit to his leg?”

    Did you see the play? Did you hear his head/shoulder hit the ground? It was pretty hard. I think his bell was rung pretty well, and it was a clean hit. Anybody who thought that was dirty is delusional. The guy tackled him as cleanly as possible, and with no ill intent based on what I saw.

    Had that been virtually any other receiver, there wouldn’t be nearly as much attention. It would have been play over, next play. But, it was prima donna Beckham, and his removal of his helmet and the praying to the turf gods because his bell was rung to dramatize it all up that made it the spectacle it was.

    Any other receiver would have been fined for throwing the football at the DB, as well as throwing his helmet. But not Mara’s boy…..

  11. Temperamental, yes. Overrated? The numbers speak for themselves.


    Stats are nice, but he plays 6 games each year against division opponents that have some of the League’s worst pass defenses. We’ll see. The diva act got stale…….real fast.

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