Report: Donald Penn expected back with Raiders this week

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It looks like the Raiders will be getting their left tackle back.

Vic Tafur of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that Donald Penn is expected to bring his holdout to an end this week. Per the report, Penn could return to the team as early as Tuesday.

Penn was holding out in hope of landing a contract paying him more that $5.95 million for the 2017 season, but Tafur reports that he won’t get it before resuming work with the team. He notes negotiations could take place once he’s back and that Penn’s salary could be guaranteed.

The Raiders used Marshall Newhouse at left tackle and Vadal Alexander at right tackle with Penn away from the team and they’ve navigated through the summer without the kind of drop-off in play that would have increased Penn’s leverage on the contract front.

9 responses to “Report: Donald Penn expected back with Raiders this week

  1. Penn isn’t the brightest guy, but even he had to realize that he wouldn’t come close to that 6 mil. 2017 Raiders salary if he was cut and signed with another team. I’m pretty sure that this will be his last year with the Raiders.

  2. he accomplished his goal… preseason… comes the phantom injury with missing a few weeks and his per game salary will be one of the tops in the league

  3. When you sign a multi year contract – READ IT!!!!!!! It means you agree to the terms of the contract. Though he had a good year of not allowing a sack until at the end of the season. Seems it was a combination of him not wanting to go thru training and most of pre-season and wanting more money. At least the others got a chance to cross train in his position.

  4. I still think he’s looking to be extended. If he’s smart he would. Why make an extra few million this year when you can get more than that through an extension?

    I’m sure watching the Raiders starters not miss him as the last line said along with getting out of camp was also a motive.

  5. Last I knew Donald Penn can earn over 7 million this year, which is still in the top half of the nfl for LT, and he is 34.

    Glad he came to his senses- Go Raiders!

  6. I thought this dud had a chance to compete with Kam Chancellor for the dumbest holdout ever, but I guess that isn’t going to happen. Kam, you’re safe, you still hold the record.

  7. He was just pulling the old Howie Long. “Pretend” to hold out and avoid the rigors of camp. No biggie. Howie popularized it, and many have followed since. Penn likely cleared it with Big Reg beforehand, just as Howie used to with Al.

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