Texans coach says Tom Savage is his starting quarterback


This is the week for people with questions at quarterback to try to clear them up.

And even though the Texans have insisted all preseason they didn’t have a question, they answered it anyway.

Via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle, Texans coach Bill O’Brien made it clear he was sticking with Tom Savage over rookie Deshaun Watson.

Tom is our starter. He’s had a good camp.” O’Brien said.

Establishing Watson as the backup won’t make the questions go away, after they made the bold move to trade up for him in the first round this year. But as long as Savage maintains a consistent level (even if that level is consistently average), the Texans appear willing to let Watson develop on the bench.

8 responses to “Texans coach says Tom Savage is his starting quarterback

  1. This is a smart move. Savage isn’t a bad QB, and making him the starter allows young Watson to continue his development so he can be ready to play when the time comes. Given Savage’s history of injury, Watson’s time may come sooner than later anyway. In any case, starting Savage is the right thing to do, at least for now.

  2. No harm in allowing a young QB to sit and to watch how the game is played.

    Not everyone can be a one year wonder like Dallas Rump Rider Danish Ham was. He will assume his rightful place as an average at best passer who can’t handle a pass rush without running first.

  3. I’m fine with it as long as Bill O’Brien sticks to his guns for a bit. He has a history of doing this and then getting panicky and pulling the plug (see: Brian Hoyer-Ryan Mallett flip-flopping).

    I have a feeling that we will see a similiar situation play out when Savage is consistently mediocre, putting Watson in and seeing him make mistakes, and then going back to Savage so the process can repeat.

  4. Watson isn’t ready. His accuracy looks like it needs a lot of work. Not to worry though, Lions QB Matthew Stafford wasn’t accurate his rookie season either. For most guys it takes time.

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