Browns apparently were showcasing Osweiler in the preseason

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When the Browns bought a second-round pick from the Texans for $16 million and took quarterback Brock Osweiler onto the roster, the Browns immediately tried to trade Osweiler again. Per multiple reports at the time, failure to trade him (with the Browns eating some of his guaranteed salary) would have resulted in an outright release.

But then they realized that the offseason program and training camp requires arms. With Osweiler on the books for $16 million anyway, why not use him?

Use him they did. And they liked him, at least enough to hope someone else would love him. So they propped him up by making him the starter for both preseason games, hopeful that someone would still call with an offer to take Brock off their hands.

Someone still could call; all it takes is one quarterback injury to trigger crazy outcomes like Jay Cutler unretiring. So now that the preseason hay is in the barn, the Browns are opting to keep Osweiler healthy by keeping him out of game action, in the hopes of another Bridgewater-style fluke incident that results in a starter being out for the year.

With most starters poised to play in Week Three, a non-fluke could happen in any of the games to be played through Sunday, resulting in the one phone call that would result in the Browns finally flipping the pancake on Osweiler.

13 responses to “Browns apparently were showcasing Osweiler in the preseason

  1. Would anyone honestly pay this guy $18m and trade anything of value for him? I hear there’s at least one guy out of work right now that would be a lot cheaper and has at least carried a team to a Super Bowl…

  2. 16 million dollars for a very poor QB. You are going to need to find someone who is a 24/7 drunk to agree to trade for him.

    Jim Irsay on line 2.

  3. Not even close.
    Tyrod 61% comp 3023 yds 17 td 6 int and 580 on the ground and 6 more td.
    Osweiler 59% 2957 yds 15 td 16 int 131 rush yds and 2 td.

  4. I don’t think it was their intention originally, but Osweiler has looked really, really bad. It reminds me of Matt Schaub and Derek Carr in Oakland where the guy with experience was so horrible, like glaringly so.

  5. If teams get that desperate, I’m thinking the Hassleback brothers will be getting phone calls before Cleveland does.

  6. Kizer is going to be carted off the field on multiple stretchers for all his broken limbs in the first couple weeks of the season, might as well keep Brock around, gonna need him.

  7. Why is it that many posters are so ugly, mean, and disgusting even with their posts? I mean, its as if some people are so unhappy in their personal lives, they make a living taking jabs at players when they are down. I think Osweiller acted unwisely when he abruptly left the Broncos to jump in the fire. But after the failure to connect with his coach last year, he is trying to be more humble with the Browns. It is as this point that people should back off a bit. It is just human decency when a fellow human finds himself in such a place. With as bad as people may think Osweiller has played over his career, some of these mean posters make him look like a Hall of Famer as a person compared to them and YOU if you are one of those. God says, Every man will be judged by his own words. And that means you, too. Have a little fun, guys, but during these type moments, chill out a little.

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