Browns trying to trade Brock Osweiler


Could Brock Osweiler be traded for the second time this year?

The Browns have renewed their attempt to trade Osweiler, something it was clear they were trying to do when they showcased him as their starter in two preseason games even though it appears that they plan to start DeShone Kizer when the regular season begins.

The question, of course, is why any team would want to trade for Osweiler and his $16 million salary. That salary is the reason the Browns were able to get the Texans’ 2018 second-round draft pick when Osweiler was traded from Houston to Cleveland in March. No one is trading for Osweiler at his current salary.

But if the Browns are able to work out a deal that includes Cleveland paying part of Osweiler’s salary, perhaps he’d be attractive enough that some team would give up a late-round draft pick for him. The Browns’ top priority is acquiring draft picks to build for the future, and if they can pull off two Osweiler trades that bring them picks in one year, they’ll take that as a big win.

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  1. You gotta love Brock’s agent. He must have went to the negotiating table with a ski mask and a double barrel shotgun. How he was able to finagle 16 mil is a mystery to me!

  2. Browns have so many pcks, not sure what another late round pick would do. If they will have to pay him anyway, might as well keep hi. Decent pack up for sure, unless thy are still trying to tank.

  3. Bad move if it’s true. Brock was not given much of a chance to work with the first team. No wonder he never got into rythum. Kizer is a few years out of high school. This could ruin him.

  4. At this point the Browns aren’t going to get much in return. If they let Osweiler play anymore they may end up having to pay someone to take him.

  5. How can the Jets not be the one and only team to shop him to?

    They have TONS of cap space. And frankly he’s probably as good if not better than anyone on their team. That’s not saying much, but it’s true.

  6. The other option is to deactivate him all season and cut him to save $18 million next season and $17 million the season after that. Cutting him this season gives zero cap relief.

  7. Another in the long line of dumb mistakes made by the Browns. Osweiler stinks. He winds up when he throws and he get more passes batted down than any QB in the league. And when he does throw, he’s usually throws it too high, putting his WR’s in harm’s way.
    How the Browns could pay this guy 17 million dollars this year is beyond me.
    Osweiler should be on the FBI’s Most Wanted list for stealing so much money from the Browns. if they’re smart, they’ll just cut him and eat his salary, because at least it would free up a roster spot.

  8. r8rsfan says:
    August 23, 2017 at 6:59 pm
    If he went back to Denver he might be the best QB on that roster.
    Hilarious but true. 🙂

  9. r8rsfan says:
    August 23, 2017 at 6:59 pm
    If he went back to Denver he might be the best QB on that roster.


    Funny. Osweiler is not better than Siemian. Siemian is a decent QB..

  10. The real question is what the Broncos thought they were seeing in him to have been as high on him as they were.


    The Broncos were not the only team with Osweiler on their board. And lets not forget he was a decent QB in Denver.

  11. Where has this come from? Some “league source” to BSPN, is all. Other than that it was to be expected that they would want to try Osweiler out, but he only played 4 series in those 2 games, albeit with 85% of the expected starting offense. Does that really count as a “showcase”?? Not to me. And GM Sashi Brown said the report was news to him. I expect if Kizer continues to impress the Browns will start him wk1 but keep Brock as insurance – at least until some QB injury-hit team shows interest – after all, they won’t otherwise get that much.

  12. nyneal says:

    August 23, 2017 at 7:36 pm

    Another in the long line of dumb mistakes made by the Browns.
    Did you read the article or are you familiar with the story? The Browns received a 2nd rounder to take on the salary. They have a ton of cap room, so they aren’t in a financial bind. Anything they get for him will be a bonus.

  13. It’s very strange that a guy who joined and took a team to a division championship, playoff win, and previously led another team to the playoffs coming off the bench (and that team went to win a super bowl) is so maligned. Sorry I don’t think he is as bad as so many say he is.

  14. cookerduff123 says:
    August 23, 2017 at 6:51 pm

    Poor guy…this has to be getting embarrassing.


    Don’t feel too sorry for him. He is smack in the middle of a $72 million contract after all.

  15. NYNeal, the Browns took on that salary in the trade with the Texans to get a 2nd round pick. It’s not a mistake at all. They had zero expectations for him as a player and were essentially happy to eat the salary to get the pick.

  16. They might have to give up a 6th round pick at this point to sweeten the pot to just get rid of him. Just release him already.

  17. The only remaining guaranteed money in his deal is the $16 mil which his 2017 salary. After 2017 he can be cut with zero dead cap charge.
    I’d cover $5 mil of the 16 and ask for a 4th or 5th rd pick. You got a 1st to take him from Houston.

  18. The Browns are the worst organization in sports. For some odd reason NFL network spends endless hours every off season singing their praises? The Clueless Clowns. Osweieler stinks,is making 15m a year and they are trying to trade him? Good luck with that dolts.

  19. I’d still keep him around for insurance. Even if Kizer is the second coming of Dak (he won’t be, doesn’t have the supporting cast), quarterbacks get hurt.

  20. Once he’s cut, he should sign in Miami for the vet minimum, be the 3rd string QB, basically taking a year off and see if Adam Gase can fix him.

  21. Even if Kizer is the starter in week one, Brock is better than Hogan or Kessler. They also agreed to his salary in a trade just to get up to the cap floor. They still have tons of room, salary wise. Browns would regret cutting him if Kizer gets hurt. Only trade him if they get a great offer.

  22. Osweiler would instantly be an upgrade for the New York Jets, but If they are really interested tanking the season it wouldn’t make any sense. He would also be an upgrade in Denver, but they let him go once, so apparently they have no interest. So unless some team wants an average QB with a big price tag as a backup, It looks as if Cleveland is stuck.

  23. If they pay half his salary and trade him and get back another pick… then they paid $8mil for a 2nd rounder and whatever other pick they get and all they give up a dead end QB probably no better than their current 3rd stringer. That makes too much sense to me.

  24. The Browns can get the trade done.

    They may have to list him in on craigslist, but they can move him.

  25. I admit that Kizer looked ready to get a shot at starting with the #1’s in regular season. He looked ready and its about time Cleveland was semi-competitive

  26. I can never get that hilarious clip out of my mind when Brock got all frustrated when he thought he was taking the field only to see Payton Manning trot out there first. Kinda says it all really.

  27. Browns purchased a second round draft choice for $16M. At this stage, the ONLY concern of Osweiler’s agent must be to get him to a team with a QB coach who can fix the flaws. He was good to very good 2 years ago. You don’t throw people away. May however require re-nenegotiation of that albatross of a contract.

  28. He must have been caught standing for the national anthem, definitely a no no in Cleveland

  29. The Broncos were not the only team with Osweiler on their board. And lets not forget he was a decent QB in Denver.

    Decent for what…. three games?

  30. He has zero value. Not going to be able to start for you and not an ideal backup due to his attitude and not being coachable. The guys who have long careers as backups all tend to be generally well-liked by coaches and teammates and that doesn’t describe Osweiler. He left a defending Super Bowl champion when they had no QB after Peyton’s retirement and not a single teammate suggested it might have been a good move for the Broncos to re-sign him. That says a ton right there.

  31. Colts are the only team that make any sense, & even that is a stretch. Jets shouldn’t take him since they’re in better position for tank mode with Hack. Jags shouldn’t bc he’s not any better than Bortles.

  32. The Browns will have to give up that draft pick and pay someone to take Brock off their hands! Look at Brock Osweiler stats 12-22 54.5% 67 Yrds 3.0 avg this is who Brock is as a QB……..

  33. So here’s the plan guys. I know we tried to trade this guy right after we got him because we never really wanted him. Well, that didn’t work, but now that he’s got horrific pre-season games under his belt where he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn from 10 feet, I am sure someone will want him! Let’s trade him to New England for Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowksi and three future first round picks!

  34. They might succeed in trading him. Brock hasn’t looked THAT bad. He’s looked like a minimally competent NFL QB. I’d rate him as a solid backup. Certainly not worth his salary, but still deserving of a roster spot.

  35. I had to check the calendar when i saw this headline, i thought it was April Fools day. Do the Browns realize that when attempting to trade someone, there needs to be a 2nd, willing partner to take those goods from you?

  36. pondbridge says:
    August 24, 2017 at 3:54 am

    Browns purchased a second round draft choice for $16M.
    Exactly. Not a bad move at all from where they stand financially and as a team in general. They arent competing for anything this year. Acquiring the 2nd rd pick is more valuable to them even at the cost of being stuck with Brock and his contract.

    The only thing they may have underestimated is how hard it would be to find someone willing to take that contract off their hands. Hey we’ll demand a 2nd rd pick from the Texans to take him with that contract, then will just dump him and that contract on some poor sap before the season starts. lol.
    Even though that tiny part of the plan wont pan out it still wasnt a bad move for them to make.

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