Mitch Trubisky to get time with first team against Titans


The best quarterback at Bears practice on Wednesday might have been on the sideline as Peyton Manning stopped by to check out former coach John Fox’s current team, but he won’t be available to start against the Titans on Sunday afternoon.

That job will again go to Mike Glennon, who Fox confirmed will get his third start of the preseason after the practice came to an end. There will be a change on the depth chart, however.

Mitch Trubisky will be the second quarterback on the field after playing behind Glennon and Mark Sanchez in the first two games and he will get time with the first team offense. The plan is for Glennon to play the first half and Trubisky to open up the second half with the rest of the starters.

Trubisky also got time with the first team during Wednesday’s practice and Fox said, via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times, that the rookie “needs that experience” after playing with and against backups in the first two games.

The Titans may not still have their starters on the field when Trubisky makes his entrance, but that probably won’t eliminate any calls for a quicker rise than expected if he turns in a stronger showing than Glennon on Sunday. Given the way the Bears have handled things in regard to the depth chart this summer, those calls may still fall on deaf ears.

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  1. Mitch has shown a lot of poise in his first two games. I think all Bear fans are excited to see how he does with the 1 offense, and going against 1 defenses too.

  2. They can’t seriously be thinking about starting him in the regular season if they don’t want to give him work against a first-team defense. The waiver wires are full of quarterbacks who looked great in the second halves of preseason games. If they really want to see what he can do, start him in this game.

  3. Should be interesting. Time to find out if Glennon is the problem, or if the WRs are the problem.
    If the result is the same, it’s the offense/WRs. If Trubisky plays better, the Bears made the right call with the draft pick, but I don’t think he is ready to start. Let Glennon get killed for a few weeks, and then bring Mitch in during the bye week after he gets a few weeks of game-type film study. Then give him a good run of 7-8 games going into the 2018 offseason.

  4. Let’s say that Trubisky becomes a strong starter three years from this season. Quick calculations based on trends suggest that his big contract will be: 5 years, 200M with 90M guaranteed. Wow.

  5. Bears fans need to realize that letting Trubisky start has nothing to do with whether or not he’s better than Glennon. The real question is what’s better for his long term development. If the coaches and front office feel there is a chance that playing a tough schedule for the first half of the season with inferior ofensive talent will hurt his confidence and pocket presence (David Carr), they’ll let Glennon take the beatings and save the rookie for a better scenario.

  6. The Rook has showed he deserves a shot with the 1s. and honestly the bears arnt winning a superbowl this year so why not just hand him the offense and let him grow. It will only make his year 2 that much better.

  7. QBs are supposed to make their supporting cast look better than they are – that’s what Mitch does when he delivers the ball to a spot where the receiver can catch and run.

    If Mitch can throw a ball to Kevin White in stride and make White look worthy of a top 250 pick (let alone a top 10 pick), then Mitch should get the job.

  8. Having Kevin White in the lineup is like playing with 10 on the field. He is hurting the offense and whatever QB that is on the field.

  9. Did starting all games his first year hurt Peyton Manning? No. Wentz? No. Let’s compare mental state of all QBs drafted in top 5 to one (David Carr), over and over and over. Glennon was a wasted of money, and the big reason we didn’t like drafting Trubisky was because they signed Glennon to such a big contract and the team has plenty of weaknesses on defense (in a deep defensive draft). He needs to start like Winston and Mariota and Wentz and Goff. Wentz is further along than Goff because he has a whole season–where Goff was babied on a bad team and then thrown in when his team was already giving up at the end of season. Glennon keeps throwing into coverage, so what does that teach Trubisky?

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