Patriots, Lions won’t practice together Wednesday

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The Patriots and Lions were scheduled to have a joint walkthrough practice in Detroit on Wednesday, but the only time they’ll share the field this week will be during Friday night’s game at Ford Field.

Lions coach Jim Caldwell announced the change on Tuesday and pointed to an issue with how the practice was being classified as the reason why the session wound up being scrapped.

“We were trying to make it work where there was a situation where we could get it just like we do on our Saturday morning walkthroughs, but the classification of it once it becomes a joint practice is totally different,” Caldwell said, via “That was more of the issue than anything else.”

In his press conference, Patriots coach Bill Belichick didn’t expand on that answer and said he’s “100 percent with Jim.”

It would have been the second time this summer that the Lions worked with another team and the third time that the Patriots held a joint practice session. Both teams will have to wait until next year to add to that figure.

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  1. The Lions are another team with ties (Quinn) to the Patriots and there is nothing shady going on. It probably just couldn’t work out, but the explanation is more confusing than anything.

  2. They had joints scheduled back in June, but with managing injuries, it appears both teams decided not to.

    They’ll do a generic walkthrough on Thursday.

  3. Sounds as though the NFL is telling them that it would count as an official practice and the teams are saying no thanks.

  4. so practice has been moved to Friday night at Ford Field.
    Ok. no big difference

    except for those paying to get in of course.

  5. The explanation makes sense. The CBA limits what is allowed for mini-camp practices (which these are). Each team wanted to have a full session of their own individual practices, and use the joint-session as their allowable walk-through. However, that classification is apparently not acceptable, likely from the NFLPA. The restrictions are below if anyone is interested:

    •Physicals On Monday But No Practice
    •Practices Tuesday-Thursday, With A Day Off On Friday
    •Allowed Two Practices Totaling 3 ½ Hours On The Field Per Day
    •Second Practice Limited To Walk Through Activities Only

  6. Caldwell is often times quite difficult to understand. Most of the time he tries to be elusive with his answers, but even when he tries to be understood, his usual way of responding takes over.

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