Tyrod Taylor: “You have to deal with whatever’s given to you”


If all Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor had to worry about was having no wide receivers of note, you could imagine him being a little panicked.

But mix in a slow start to the preseason that has some wondering if his job is secure from the advances of a fifth-round rookie, and it’s a lot to process.

“It’s definitely big,” Taylor said, via Jerry Sullivan of the Buffalo News. “I don’t think there’s a situation that has happened like that in recently history. But things happen. No excuses on my end. You have to deal with whatever’s given to you and go out and make the best of it.”

First, he took a big pay cut this offseason to stay. Then the Bills signed veteran wideout Anquan Boldin, which seemed like a good complement to any offense. But then they promptly cut bait on Sammy Watkins, the guy they acquired in the deal (Jordan Matthews) got hurt, and Boldin retired. Matthews should be ready for the regular season, but it’s far from a full arsenal of weapons for Taylor going into a make-or-break season. There’s also the matter that his left tackle has a sore foot and is on the shelf for the moment, though with all he’s dealing with, Cordy Glenn‘s condition may be down the list.

“In this league, you can’t predict the things that happen,” Taylor said. “But as a team and personally, you got to be able to adjust, keep your mind on the goal. Everything is still attainable. Keep chipping away one day at a time.

“All I can do is focus on myself and preparing each and every week. That’s been my mindset since the day I was fortunate enough to play in this league.”

While some think Taylor’s being set up to fail, he’s been an active participant in any potential demise by playing poorly, leading fans to look to Nathan Peterman. While the Bills have enough players on hand to prevent a full tank job (like the Jets), there’s a clear sense of building for the future. How Taylor’s able to handle the many stresses around him will largely determine whether he’ll play a part of that future in Buffalo.

29 responses to “Tyrod Taylor: “You have to deal with whatever’s given to you”

  1. LOL! this team never fails to provide comedy for the rest of the league. 5-11 is around the corner. Pathetic team and fan base. They will never win anything. But hey, they have their glory days of losing four straight SB’s. K Gun!..hahahaha

  2. Not the biggest fan of Tyrod but when he has to deal with 2 incompetent head coaches and an owner who is most famous for his tanking sports franchises there is not much to be positive about regarding his time as team QB….

  3. Mark it down, He has no future. Unless his future is elsewhere. Guyc an’t play the position of QB. Scat Back who throws the ball more accurate.He reminds me of a once promising QB we had, JP Losman. Strong arm, mobile Good game followed by crappy games, good, crappy. Please make his future now and release him somehow, some way.

  4. People are so obsessed with Peterman. The kid looks OK in preseason against 2nd and 3rd team players. He has a lot of work to do. His footwork is terrible leading to his passes being split 50/50 between on a wire accurate and miss your WR by 5 yards bad. He has the NFL arm, he has what appears to be some level of accuracy and he appears to be able to make reads but until he buttons down the footwork and arm motion he is not a starting QB. Its going to take a full season or 2 to develop that and until he does, he should not be on the field as a starting QB. Thats WHY the Bills extended Taylor. To let the kid develop. Now, trust the process, and let the kid develop

  5. I think it’s not only possible but highly probable that the Jets and Bills will pick #1 and #2 in next spring’s draft. Its unfair that the Patriots get to have 5 bye weeks in a NFL season but that’s hardly their fault.

  6. Like a handful of NFL teams, the Bills have a starting QB that nobody believes in all that much, has never really shown himself to be all that good, and yet he still makes all that money.

    Carson Palmer, Ryan Tannehill, Mike Glennon, Sam Bradford, Blake Bortles, and any Jets QB since Joe Namath and any Browns QB since Otto Graham. It is not an uncommon problem in the QB-starved NFL.

    It is doubtful that Tyrod could connect with a top-flight receiver, even if the Bills had one. Sammy Watkins was a fraud of a wideout, and a fragile one at that. Anquan Boldin was a very good receiver, but that was a few years ago. His next stop is Canton, and the Hall of Fame. I can’t blame him for walking away as whole man.

    Ultimately, the Bills aren’t tanking this season. They just stink naturally. At least this year, and for most of the past 17. But no deliberate tanking is going o, not even with Tyrod under center.

  7. The guy has a great attitude so far. He’s gonna need it this year. Bet the kids college fund on Bills on no more than +4 wins all season. Them and the Jets.

  8. Rumors are that Tyrod and Shady are being shopped. Given the team friendly contract he signed, he could end up in another jersey before the season starts. Crazier things have happened

  9. Here’s what was “given” to him ……. the starting job. It’s up to Taylor to show that he is the best QB option this year. If he plays outstanding football in 2017, he’ll be a well-paid starter somewhere in 2018 and beyond. Maybe Buffalo, and maybe somewhere else.

  10. Taylor seems a quality person on and off the field. I’m glad he got to cash in and be financially set for life.

  11. honestly.. do you really think the Bills not having success is because of Tyrod? 3 years ago they had one of the best defenses in the world. They brought in Tyrod AND Rex. Rex kills the Defense and does what he always does with QB’s.. tells them to just not lose the game. Going back to the Dilfer days in Baltimore. Only problem is the defense is terrible under Rex. Also, Sammy is always out. Robert Woods is supposed to be his #1 and he get’s hurt. Brittle Goodwin is always hurt and they are playing from behind.. When has Taylor had a chance to prove if he is a #1.. Now they trade away Watkins, Boldin bounces and Matthews is hurt. How is this on Tyrod again? He seems to be the only one with the right attitude

  12. Tyrod has decent potential as a QB. Strong arm…..good scrambling ability. Reminds me a little of Russell Wilson. Put him on a decent team and he could flourish. Let’s say that we swapped Tyrod and Dak…..is there anyone who believes Tyrod would not thrive with Dallas’ offensive line? Is there anyone that thinks Dak would win more than 8 games in Buffalo?

  13. vladinvegas says:
    August 23, 2017 at 6:32 am
    LOL! this team never fails to provide comedy for the rest of the league. 5-11 is around the corner. Pathetic team and fan base. They will never win anything. But hey, they have their glory days of losing four straight SB’s. K Gun!..hahahaha
    This is why everyone hates Patriots fans.

  14. Not much of an NFL quarterback, but the guy leads the league in deep-ball accuracy, how is that even possible? Somebody on here called him a scat back and lol, he doesn’t even run all that much. He’s an above-average signal-caller with lackluster options at wideout and his production is the product of the players he’s surrounded with. Not making excuses for Tyrod or saying he’s an elite qb, because he’s not, but he is above average.

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