Chargers dump 39-year employee at end of training camp

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When the Chargers moved from San Diego to L.A., equipment manager Bob Wick chose to go along, after 38 years with the franchise in its prior home. The franchise has now chosen to move on from Wick.

Wick joined the team as a ball boy and equipment assistant in 1979. He became assistant equipment manager in 1983, and then was named equipment manager 17 years later.

The AP reported that Wick was dismissed.

“I can simply confirm that Bob is no longer with the organization,” a team spokesman told Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Per Krasovic, Wick chronicled his relocation from San Diego to Orange County. It’s unclear whether the San Diego native will now be heading back home.

While there typically are two sides to every story, it’s unfortunate that the move happened after Wick moved to L.A. And if it happened because of something he did, apparently nothing he did in 38 years was enough to counter it.

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  1. Garbage organization. In the negotiations regarding teams moving to LA they got
    left in the dust. It was somewhat embarasing how the Rams organization was able to
    organize other owners to their cause, yet, the Chargers were left holding the bag.
    How do you let a loyal employee go, after he moves his family and himself
    to another city? What is his overhead …perhaps no more than 125,000 which
    includes benefits. Cheap shot!!

  2. They are going to blame Eric Weddle for this, or something to do with Joey Bosa’s contract.

    I read a rumor that the real reason they played hardball with Joey Bosa? They couldn’t afford the guaranteed money in the contact…maybe the team financially wasn’t doing so hot–or maybe it was and the Spanos family needed to cover their losses elsewhere.

  3. Not surprised. Classless organization. I completely understand Eli refusing to play for them.

  4. That isn’t cool. 39 years deserves some sort of dignity as you walk out the door. Something tells me he didn’t do anything that didn’t deserve that.

  5. “Considering the way they did Eric Weddle. Doesnt surprise me.” Don’t forget about how they did Marty after he won 14 games. I imagine these are all business moves, but they seem to want to get everything on the cheap. I don’t know; I’m not privy to their financial finagling, but it appears that way. But it also seems they are leaving no stone unturned to turn the fans against them. Sheesh.

  6. I enjoy the knee-jerk reactions of some posters on here. How do you know that they didn’t have a legitimate reason for letting him go?

  7. Hope another team gives him a job, 39 years so he should know what to do

    Charger 383 name is from a Dodge car, not anything to do with that team

  8. That’s some low sheet. It’s almost amazing that there are folks who wouldn’t support a longtime loyal employee. They couldn’t have publicly said he resigned? Given him a little send off? It’s just awful.

  9. The internet is awesome. This man could have done literally anything which would warrant his firing yet all these commenters are here to back him up. Who cares that you don’t know ANY details, let’s all jump the gun and bash the Chargers. I hate that this is society now

  10. This organization (IF you could call them ‘organized’) has the Midas Touch in reverse. The only way a Chargers player ever gets a Super Bowl ring is to get traded or get cut and sign with another team. It’s a tradition to goes back to the first Superstar player, Lance Alworth, who had to sign with the Cowboys to finally win a Championship. They dump franchise icons like Junior Seau and Ladainian Tomlinson, fire a coach after going 14-2, and after a series of miscues, expects Los Angeles to roll over for a free tattoo? (What rocket scientist came up with THAT marketing gem?)
    Spanos thought he was going to drive up the franchise’s value by moving to LA and he can’t even fill a 27,000 seat stadium? Way to lose the kids trust fund Fredo!

  11. Shady McCoy got it right earlier today. You all read one story and instantly judge without the facts. No idea what he did to get fired. Maybe he got a nice severance package. This story doesn’t tell! Yet, he’s instantly a victim and chargers are scum.

  12. Typical Dean Spanos move….the chargers will be welcome back in San Diego
    after he sells the team

  13. Glad to see that everyone knows exactly what happened. So the Chargers are now in the position of explaining publicly a personnel matter, which could make Mr. Wick look pretty bad. If he was wrongfully terminated, hopefully CA labor laws will provide him a method to recoup losses. Maybe he kneeled during the anthem?

  14. And who’s to say that over the 38+ years, Mr. Wick has been given countless opportunities when the organization could have terminated him but chose not to.

  15. ed2head says:
    August 24, 2017 at 8:46 pm
    Step up Rams and hire the man. Good pr move.

    That is one hell of an idea. Too bad the Ram’s owner is has just as little class as the Charger’s owner.

  16. He should be thankful for the years he has enjoyed being employed in such an exciting industry. I would have traded places with him. This is not the welfare league. If you can trade and cut players one day after bringing them into camp or trade and cut long-term veterans, i.e Adrian Peterson in this industry, then a TRAINER????? People please!!! They need to hire the best trainer for THEM period!!! This is not democratic welfare thinking for any employee of this very unique industry. He was not a secretary at Walmart Corp!!! Your complaints are ridiculous!!! It’s not easy, but 38 years!!!!! Congrats on lasting that long!!! Well done, Chargers.

  17. regaliaimagewear –

    While I don’t know the reason/s for his termination, I do think you are wrong in some of your statements.

    He was the equipment manager, not trainer. HUGE difference. It seems that after 38 years, you don’t come to a realization that “we don’t have the best equipment manager for us…we need to fire him”. I suppose if they wanted to go in a different direction in equipment managing (whatever that may be) it is their right as an organization, but in my opinion they should have informed him prior to his uprooting his family and moving to LA. It seems like they wanted to get established in LA before letting him go. On the surface, it looks like a classless move to pull on a loyal employee in a non coaching area of the team. Maybe its possible that after 38 years set in his way of doing things, the move was too much of a disruption to his way of doing things and he wasn’t willing to alter his process, thus prompting a change. I have no idea.
    I agree it’s not a “welfare league” , but the equipment manager was not looking for welfare, and while no job is guaranteed for life, there should be just cause for his firing after 38 years with the club. Maybe there was.

  18. People aren’t just knee-jerk assuming the Chargers are poorly run and Spanos is a bad owner because of this recent firing. We all already knew those things. This just appears to add to the huge pile of evidence that already exists.

  19. Chargers are a complete dumpster fire.

    They will win 3 games this year. This will be the last year Rivers plays for the Chargers.

    Wick was released because of the joke facilities at Stubhub center.

  20. Probably found a cheaper guy in LA, simple as that. Poor dude probably had many raises and was making decent coin after 39 years. Start over with some ham & egger who used to bag groceries at Ralph’s, much cheaper. Sounds exactly like what Spanos would do.

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