Dak Prescott uses talk of sophomore slump to fuel chip on shoulder


A year ago, Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott used his status as a fourth-round pick as motivation. This year, repeated talk of a sophomore slump has become the fuel for his determination.

“It’s just allowing that chip on my shoulder to grow,” Prescott said of the chatter in a Thursday afternoon visit to PFT Live. “It doesn’t really affect me. If anything it’s just motivation to get out there to show and prove people the work I’ve put in and how this offense has been coming together.”

The offense will be different than it was a year ago. Two of the five starting spots on the offensive line are changing, and running back Ezekiel Elliott is facing a six-game suspension. Prescott can’t control the latter, and he won’t try to control the former.

“My job is to trust those guys,” he said of the new members of the offensive line. “I know they hold themselves accountable to their positions and those other three guys on the offensive line hold them accountable as a whole to an offense and this team as well. Those guys are just getting those reps . . . and they’re gonna be ready to go Week One.”

So how will Prescott prepare for Week One with uncertainty as to whether Elliott will be available?

“I leave that up to the coaches,” Prescott said. “For me it’s about going in there doing the best I can with whoever’s in there at running back. The offensive line, they’ll be ready to go open up holes for whoever it may be. . . . We’ll just leave that up to the coaches. We’ll see what happens with that and we’ll be ready to go.”

The full interview with Prescott will be ready to go during Friday’s PFT Live, which airs on NBC Sports Radio, SiriusXM 205, NBCSportsRadio.com, and the NBC Sports Radio app from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. ET.

18 responses to “Dak Prescott uses talk of sophomore slump to fuel chip on shoulder

  1. The guy is well grounded and humble. Doug Free – the departed weakest link of the O-line will be replaced by La’el Collins, a woulda been/shoulda been 1st round draft pick born to play right tackle. He’s not in control of who starts at running back, but the haters that follow him can’t have it both ways. Elliott is extremely talented and there’s a drop off after him. Couple that with an extremely tough start to the schedule this season. Can’t say “anyone can run behind that line” and also say without Elliot, he’ll be exposed and collapse. This is why we watch the games. Grab a beer, chill and watch the show. The young man is a class act. Let it play out and enjoy.

  2. Dak will be fine. He, luckily, had a full year under the tutelage of a classy Tony Romo, and he is very motivated. They had better hope that Rush is the real deal. As we saw in 2015, Garrett and Wade Wilson could not coach their way out of a wet paper bag, when it came to the THREE different q/bs, trying to win a game without Romo!!

  3. I really love the attitude of this kid, he is always looking to better himself, he seems very mature and he is turning into a leader, unlike that turd of a running back who is suspended.

  4. When you need fuel from the public/media to perform at the NFL level, you are destined for failure. This guy is gonna sink like a led zeppelin. Drink it in Cowboy faithful, you know it’s true.

  5. This guy had no adversity in his football career. What does he know about actually having a chip on his shoulder. I swear, self entitled millennials. He shows up on a team that if it had Matt Stafford would win a Super Bowl every year. Matt Stafford has a chip on his shoulder. Try playing for the Lions your whole career. He’s got a bag of chips on his shoulder. Dak just trying to make himself in to something he’s not.

  6. All I will say to the football know it alls, is just sit back and watch. Zeke or no Zeke, Dak will play at an even higher level than he did last year. This man is truly special, just you watch. It will be extremely difficult to win 13 games again, that is true for nearly any team, but Dak did not, with his play lose ONE game last year. He rarely made mistakes and he lead the team to win several times. Green Bay, Pittsburgh, and let’s not forget his debut against the Giants–only Terence Williams lack of situational awareness lost that game–Dak had brought the team back for a win. All this with 8 or so reps in training camp? I guess some of you love showing off how very little you actually know about the game of football.

  7. Do you guys even see Dak play? You’ve had all last year, a small sample in this preseason in which he lit up the defense, and you still doubt the guy? I know most are Cowboys haters, but you got to realize talent when you see it.

  8. Physically not prototypical, thats why he fell in the draft but he has ice in his veins, makes good decisions and throws no matter whats going on around him. Its a very hard skill to find at that level.

  9. stucats says:
    August 25, 2017 at 8:42 am


    The vast majority of NFL players stay out of trouble. It’s only most (per capita) Cowboys players that do not. 53 players per roster, 32 teams, most never show up on a lowlight reel.

  10. I love the Cowboys fans downvoting what is a FACT. Look, guys: Your defense sucks. It’s sucked for several years. You have no pass rush. You haven’t had a pass rush since Ware and your best coverage players all left in free agency! The ONLY thing that made your team successful in 2014 and 2016 is the dominant running game. Control TOP, limit turnovers and keep your defense off the field. Your defense hasn’t been able to stop a nosebleed on its own since Parcells built the unit in the mid 00’s.

    If Zeke stays suspended and/or your OL isn’t as dominant as it has been, control of the game clock will go bye-bye. And so will your faux-good stats on D.

    Which brings me back to my first point: Assuming Zeke stays suspended, we’re about to see if Dak is the real deal, or just a complementary piece/game manager to a dominant running game. If he can put up 30 plus on his own, we’ll know the answer. And with the defense you’re going to field in 17, he’d better do so. Or you’ll start 2-4 or worse.

  11. I disagree with you reddzen, every team has bad apples not just the Cowboys. These NFL players are immature and they think they have a sense of entitlement to do whatever they want and not pay any consequences for their actions.

  12. But they have tape on him this year…….

    Curious what happened to wentz after 3 games once there was tape on him????

    However, interesting that didnt happen to Dak….but atleast they got tape on him this year……yet he now knows his flaws and is going to get better at correcting them. That’s ok…they still have tape on him. Hopefully we will hear that next year after he is raising the trophy…..

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