Dwayne Allen admits learning Patriots offense “extremely hard”


The Patriots traded for tight end Dwayne Allen in March, and he doesn’t mind admitting that he’s still learning his way around their offense.

It is extremely hard,” Allen said, via Rich Thompson of the Boston Herald. “I’m not going to sugarcoat it.”

Of course, he’s also coming into a system full of players who have been running it for years, but he’s been struck by how different things are from his days with the Colts.

“It is hard but also stimulating and very exciting,” Allen said. “It is one of those things that where you pray for something so long, and when it comes, you can’t cry because it’s harder than you thought it was going to be.

“You have to accept that and be grateful for it.”

The way Patriots use multiple tight ends, there’s a possibility for Allen to have a considerable impact alongside Rob Gronkowski. And now that he’s feeling more comfortable about what they’re asking him to do, there’s a better chance for him to do just that.

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    For years Gronk has been falsely assessed as having walnut sized brain. However, when you are a TE, you have to know both the blocking and receiving schemes on every play. Plus, when you are a TE with the Patriots you have the added responsibility of complex motion sequences added to a myriad of route options. There’s a whole lot of thinking that goes on before Gronk catches a 9 yd pass on 3rd and 6.

  2. TE is one of the most complex positions on the field next to QB, they have to know all the passing route trees for each receiver position, plus all run blocking schemes and read the D with the same eyes as the QB.

    Which is why I laugh when anyone thinks Gronk is stupid… all you’re doing is revealing the depth of your own ignorance.

  3. For you Madden players, every route in the Patriots offense is an option route. The option route have multiple possibilities (Slant, hook, post, out, cross ext.) based off the coverage. In Madden they only have 1 guy running an option route. In the Pats offense, literally all of them are running option routes all the time. So it gets really complicated because you have to know which options you have to run based of which coverage you read while being mindful of the options the the other guys around you are going to be running based on the coverage so you don’t run into their route by mistake while providing the proper spacing for the offense to have success. I think I just confused myself? I’ll leave it at….it’s complicated.

  4. Dwayne had so much potential when he was in Indy. He just wasn’t utilized the right way. I’m sure Coach B is gonna get the most outta him and he could very well become a pro bowler (Depending on his and Gronks health through out the season).

  5. I don’t like the look of this. It’s shades of Ocho Cinco, Tory Holt, Marvin Harrison and Reche Caldwell. All veteran receivers who just could not understand Brady’s system.

  6. the Patriots are a humanitarian organization—they have rescued Dwayne Allen, David Harris, Stephon Gilmore, Mike Gillislee from the NFL’s third world teams

  7. Martellus Bennet said the same thing last season. He was outstanding. BB loved him.

    Allen is going to be fine. He is too good a player and young enough not to be set in his ways.

    The Chad Johnsons, Reggie Waynes and Galloway’s were too set in their way to change.

  8. So I am not a Brady fan… But I appreciate guys that come into work and understand the next level of we are actually trying to do.

    Dwayne Allen has an actual chance to show the difference between Andrew Luck and Tom Brady. He is going to be a fantasy football stud.

  9. Good for D.A. Once he gets the offense under wraps, he’ll be back to dropping passes and injuring himself with the best of them!

  10. ESPN aired a segment a while back about Gronk and everyone in the Pats organization raved about his football IQ and how brilliant he is in the film room and in digesting new schemes ..the guy is a party animal, but he is no dummy.

  11. My backup TE… praying for Bennett success for him… The Patriots in the two TE set circa 2012 2013 were unstoppable (until Gronk got hurt)… with this offense they can run it as an option scheme off everything else they do… hence the complexity… I wish DA all the success in the world.

    The potential for the offense is unlimited…

  12. I think it can be harder in the QB or harder in the receivers. If more complexity is pushed on the receivers, it relieves some from the QB. If the receivers and TE’s are dumbed down it makes it harder for the QB to succeed. More brilliance from Belichick

  13. Flash1287 says:
    August 24, 2017 at 7:59 am
    Wait..I thought the crybabies said it was so easy a “high school” QB could run it.



    As any pilot knows, the most sophisticated and complex airplanes are the easiest to fly. They literally fly themselves. Kind like when the Patriots went 3-1 without Brady just last year.

  14. patsfan4lifesbchamps says:
    August 24, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    As any pilot knows, the most sophisticated and complex airplanes are the easiest to fly. They literally fly themselves. Kind like when the Patriots went 3-1 without Brady just last year.

    The three wins were:
    1. 23-21 vs Cardinals. Arizona missed a last second field goal to win.
    2. 31-24 vs Dolphins. Pats won with an last minute interception as Dolphins were driving to win or tie the game.
    3. 27-0 vs Houston. Houston- need I say more?

    Also note that they got shut out 16-0 at home by their perennial punching bag, the Bills.

    So the Pats went 3-1 w/o Brady with an average point difference of +5.

    With Brady they went 14-1 with an average point difference of +11.4

  15. Having listened to guys like Welker and Edelman discuss Pats schemes, the speed and complexity of assignments which receivers must employ in a myriad of packages is truly dizzying.

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