Rod Marinelli on Jaylon Smith’s debut: Oh boy

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Cowboys linebacker Jaylon Smith‘s long road back from the knee injury he suffered while playing for Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl after the 2015 season took a big step forward last weekend when Smith took the field against the Colts.

It was Smith’s first game since the injury and he played 12 snaps to open the contest before returning to the bench. That wasn’t a great deal of playing time and Smith was in on one tackle, but it was enough to elicit a rave review from defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli after he looked over the film of Smith’s efforts.

“Oh boy, good instincts, speed,�� Marinelli said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Man that was a heckuva play he made on that tackle. You could see his speed, got natural instincts with leverage. And he’s just so hungry. Energy. He took another step. Another good step.”

Marinelli said he hopes to see Smith play more snaps and against more looks, particularly running plays, when the Cowboys face the Raiders this weekend. Should that go well, Marinelli won’t be the only one gushing about Smith.

15 responses to “Rod Marinelli on Jaylon Smith’s debut: Oh boy

  1. Good old oh-and-sixteen Rod. Anything that comes out of that guy’s mouth is white noise and should be ignored. We were burdened with him as a head coach in Detroit, ineptitude on so many levels.

  2. It will probably take a good month, maybe two, for Smith to prevent his brain from subconsciously protecting the knee that it’s been subconsciously protecting for the past year and a half. It can be difficult to drop subconscious habits. The more reps he takes the faster it will go away.

  3. The Cowboys have exactly 0 rookies projected to start in the secondary. I have no idea where you guys are reading that rookies are starting in the secondary. Their CBs are Nolan Carroll and Orlando Scandrick. And their Safeties are Byron Jones and Jeff Heath. The 3rd CB is Anthony Brown who will play outside with Scandrick moving into the slot CB role.

  4. Cowboys blew it last year, #1 seed, One in Done at home. B R U H

    Its a good thing ALT crumbled in the SB to keep most of the talk on them, instead of this.

  5. This is the kind of player you take a chance on, someone who suffered an unfortunate injury and is willing to work his tail off to get back to a top level. You don’t want the player who dropped in the draft because of character issues such as multiple drug violations, assault, theft, beating women, etc.

  6. He still can’t make sudden changes of direction. There were several instances where you could tell he recognized where the ball was going, but was either incapable or unwilling, to make that sudden change of direction to make the play. I am rooting for the kid even though I hate the Cowboys, but he’s got a long way to go to be a starting NFL LB.

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