Bobby Beathard is contributor candidate for Hall of Fame

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Bobby Beathard was nominated as the contributor candidate for the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Friday. It marked the first time a personnel candidate was selected since the first year of the category for the Class of 2015 when Bill Polian and Ron Wolf earned election.

Beathard, 80, spent 38 seasons in the NFL with five teams. His teams competed in seven Super Bowls, winning four.

“It’s great,” Beathard said. “It tops everything. I was just lucky. I don’t even know how to explain it. I just loved football. I really felt I was fortunate or lucky or something to spend my life in something that didn’t seem like a real job. It was something that was a fun job.”

Beathard still needs 80 percent of the vote by the full body, 48 selectors, the day before Super Bowl LII in Minnesota. Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue was the only one of five previous contributor nominees not to earn entry.

Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, former Giants general manager George Young and former Cowboys player personnel director Gil Brandt were among other candidates. Terrell Davis mentioned Bowlen in his Hall of Fame speech, and Jerry Jones mentioned Gil Brandt in his.

21 responses to “Bobby Beathard is contributor candidate for Hall of Fame

  1. Young, Brandt and he should all be in. It’s embarrassing. Polian gets in before these guys?

    Does anyone know about NFL history or do they just have the media brainwash them?

    Top 5 GMs ever:

    1. BB
    2. Paul Brown
    3. Halas
    4. George Young
    5. McVay

    I have Brandt and Beathard 6 and 7.

    It’s appalling waiting for people to get old or die for this.

  2. Beathard was pretty good but it was Joe Gibbs who was the main reason for the Redskins’ success in his first stint as their HC. He didn’t ever have an elite QB but still managed to win 3 Super Bowls.

  3. I don’t have a vote, but if I did, Beathard would get mine in a heartbeat.I dislike Polian’s style and excuse making immensely, but in my opinion, his body of work merits being in the HOF

  4. Nobody played league politics quite the way Polian and Wolf did, it’s disgusting that got them in ahead of Beathard, Brandt and Young. Beathard and Gibbs did amazing things together. I’ve often wondered how things would have worked out for the Phins if Shula’s ego hadn’t muscled Beathard out the door.

  5. MileHighSalute says:
    August 25, 2017 at 2:15 pm
    Pat Bowlen gets screwed over…again….what a joke.

    5 3 Rate This


    The guy with the obnoxious mink coats and author of the greatest cheating scandal in NFL history (cheating the cap at the end of Elway’s career)?

    I think not.

  6. Pat Bowlen’s and the Broncos would of never even made the playoffs if they had to play in the NFC Beast in the 80’s.

    Elway would be selling used cars right now and not a GM of a football team if he had to play against Dexter Manley, Darrell Green, Charles Mann, Lawrence Taylor, Carl Banks, Ed Jones, Randy White, Clyde Simmons and Reggie White twice a season.

  7. MileHighSalute says:
    August 25, 2017 at 2:15 pm
    Pat Bowlen gets screwed over…again….what a joke.

    Bowlen is on the ballot, the cap cheating probably cost him in previous votes.

  8. I remember being 14 years old (32 now) and going to Giants training camp in Albany, going down to the sideline with the players (hardly any security) and seeing my dad sitting alone in wooden bleachers on the sideline. I go over to my dad and he introduces me to the man he had just finished speaking with for a half hour. That man was George Young. Mr. Young was a class act and needs to be inducted now.

    – Patriots fan

  9. AFL man Bobby Beathard should get his well deserved accolade. His success starting KC & aft MIA, WASH and SD affirming. Another AFL guy who should be in is the late Don Klosterman, an talent acquisitor and Championship-team builder in SD, KC, HOU and BALT.

  10. He should have been in a long time ago, but I guess Ryan Leaf leaves a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. However, what he did in Washington was impressive enough, but people forget what a dumpster fire San Diego was when he got there and quickly built a Super Bowl caliber team.

  11. Bobby Beathard is definitely a worthy candidate for the HOF. As a lifelong Redskins fan I know what he did for the franchise. He was the main architect of those Redskins teams that won 3 Super Bowls and appear in 4 in a 10 year span. Beathard was the GM when Jack Kent Cooke took full control of the Redskins in the late 70’s. Beathard got into a power struggle with then head coach of the team Jack Pardee. Pardee was a holdover from the George Allen years (Pardee played for Allen on the Rams and Redskins teams and took over for Allen when he was fired).Beathard won that power struggle and then hired a little known offensive coordinator by the name of Joe Gibss. Beathard drafted and signed the Hogs, Art Monk, Gary Clark and Ricky Sanders (the Posse), Dexter Manley and Charles Mann and Darrell Green to name a few. As great a coach Gibbs was he didn’t pick the players, Beathard did. Eventually Beathard and Gibbs got into a power struggle of their own in 1989. Beathard wanted to start to replenish and bring in some new blood so to speak but Gibbs basically didn’t want to and Gibbs eventually won that struggle and Beathard moved on. He eventually landed in San Diego as GM and help lead them to division titles and their only Super Bowl appearance to date in 1994. His biggest blunder as a GM was drafting Ryan Leaf in 1998.

  12. Pat Bowlen has often been credited for the move to acquire Elway which was reason why the Broncos had a fair amount of success from 1983-98. But in fact the trade with the Colts for Elway was made before Bowlen became Broncos owner – Edgar Kaiser was the owner at the time of this move.

  13. Top 5 GMs ever:

    1. BB
    2. Paul Brown
    3. Halas
    4. George Young
    5. McVay


    Lombardi is in a class all his own.

    Soon to be 12 HOFrs.. over 1/4 of his roster
    5 Titles in 7 years
    Only coach in the modern era to 3-peat

    Football God? Master of the Universe?… No wait! I’ve got it…. GOAT!

  14. Behtard deserves it for sure.

    3 Super Bowls in the toughest Conference the League has ever seen.

    He beat the best, and the best got him a few times. What a dogfight that NFC was in the mid-late 80s!

    Hope he gets in.

  15. His biggest blunder as a GM was drafting Ryan Leaf in 1998.

    A disaster to be sure.. but it was pretty clear early on that the wheels had fallen off, and all the Chargers did was throw more fuel on the fire.

    Leaf was a grade A tool.. but the Chargers and Bethard didn’t do him any favors.

  16. Not only did they beat probably the best collection of teams in a division to more Super Bowls during that era (without a franchise QB), you have to remember the 49ers and Bears were very good during that time too. I know they beat the Bears and that vaunted defense on the way to at least one of those Super Bowls. Not to mention what he did in Miami before he got to Washington. The Bowlen people don’t even have a gripe here if they’re seriously arguing between the 2.

  17. Beathard summarily fired Bobby Ross…the only Head Coach to get the Chargers (now Carson) to the Super Bowl. He was adored by San Diego fans. I believe he wanted more “say” in selecting players so Beathard fired him.

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