Jaguars’ top two receivers have little to say about quarterback situation


Jaguars coach Doug Marrone doesn’t know who his starting quarterback will be when the season begins. Which means (duh) that the guys who’ll be catching the passes also don’t know.

After Thursday night’s game, the top two pass-catchers on the team had little to say about the situation.

“Who knows what the decision will be?” receiver Allen Robinson told reporters. “I don’t think there’s a big difference. I mean both of these guys have been here since I’ve been here and they’re pros, so who knows?”

The other Allen was similarly tight-lipped about the situation.

“For the most part, nobody really talks about the quarterback position right now,” receiver Allen Hurns said. “We leave that up to the coaches. As far as everybody else, you just try to come in and control what you can. If it’s a receiver, just make your plays, on the defensive side, they worry about their side. There hasn’t been much talk in the locker room as far as the quarterback position battle.”

It’s hard to believe no one is talking about the quarterback situation. The more likely reality is that the players are under orders to not talk about the quarterback situation, and that they’re complying. For now.

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  1. A tale of two, quarterbacks and halves. Start Henne and bring in Bottles in the second half because that is the only time he plays well enough. (
    sarcasm font)

  2. Henne didn’t look too bad. He had nice touch on that deep pass. Bortles spent most of his time playing against the 2nd and 3rd team defense and still had two turnovers. I almost feel bad for him but maybe he should have spent more time being a QB and less time on his social life. Maybe then he wouldn’t be in the situation of watching his $19M fifth-year option going down the drain.

  3. I genuinely feel bad for the WRs on this team. How can they ever get the numbers to secure a new contract with these two 1st round busts battling it out to see who is the least catastrophic QB for the team?

  4. Another way of saying it would be that neither one of them sound particularly excited about either options which should speak volumes. Robinson had his fair share of drops and shaky play last year but Bortles has been awful. I don’t Blame Robinson for trying to secure his extension early this offseason. Now his future is held in the balance with two middling options, if he has another year like last there is a possibility he may have to do a one year prove it deal like Pryor before he cashes in. I fell for him cause he is obviously a talent.

  5. You always love to hear your receivers say just worry about your job when it comes to the QB, lol. Much rather them saying this is my guy, or I have confidence in him. Not that they’re pretty much the same, and I can only control what I can control.

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