Report: Josh Gordon in rehab, seeks NFL reinstatement in September

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Browns receiver Josh Gordon has returned to rehab in hopes of being reinstated to the NFL, according to Jason Cole. Cole, citing sources, tweeted that Gordon entered rehab two months ago in cooperation with the NFL in hopes of returning to the field in late September.

Gordon has entered rehab at least three other times, according to Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal.

Gordon, who hasn’t played since December of 2014, had his petition for reinstatement from his drug ban denied three months ago. He can re-apply next month.

The Browns retain Gordon’s rights.

Browns head of football operations Sashi Brown told some of the team’s season ticket holders last week that “we want to better Josh the person first.”

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell reinstated Gordon on a conditional basis last summer, but Gordon didn’t adhere to the program and checked himself into inpatient rehab in September. Goodell said last week that Gordon has entered the NFL’s program, a step toward the receiver working his way back onto the field.

Gordon, a supplemental pick in 2012, played in 35 games in three seasons. He made 161 catches for 2,754 yards and 14 touchdowns.

15 responses to “Report: Josh Gordon in rehab, seeks NFL reinstatement in September

  1. Its good that he is getting treatment. Hope he means it. But he needs to be sober awhile before I would consider bringing him in for a workout even.

  2. mysterytonite says:
    August 25, 2017 at 6:38 pm
    GAme has passed him by, clevelands had 4 head coaches and 12 different starting qb’s since he last played.
    – – – –


    Remember his first game back last preseason in the third game which was his first game back after not playing for more than a full season? He caught a bomb from RG3 for a long touchdown. Imagine if he ever played for a better team than the Browns with a better QB than Brian Hoyer, Jason Campbell, Robbie Griffin the Third, Branden Weeden, John Manziel, et al.

    I think, at 26, he still has some good football left…

  3. Just for pot and a beer or 2, what rip-off for him and us fans not only of the Browns but the entire NFL. To bad..

  4. If he is reinstated by the league the Browns will have a gem to trade away… well as long as he stood in shape that is. I bet there are a few teams that would take the gamble on a player with Gordon’s super high ceiling.

  5. The purpose behind his ban was so he could get his life together before trying to play football again. The fact that he is in rehab, again, and so close to when he plans on asking for reinstatement shows that he failed again in that regard. Asking for reinstatement at this point is simply wasting everyone’s time. He chose getting wasted/high over making money in the NFL–several times. It is high time the NFL chooses to move on from this guy permanently and officially.

  6. He needs to forget about playing football and be in rehab so he can be sober. That should be his #1 priority. If he’s only doing this to get reinstated then he’s going to be destined to be suspended again. This is likely his last chance. He’s already wasted millions by not being able to follow the collectively bargained rules. He and Justin Blackmon could have had incredible, Hall of Fame careers had they been able to stay on the field.

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