“Possibility” Teddy Bridgewater returns in 2017, according to Mike Zimmer

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The Vikings are one week away from deciding whether to leave quarterback Teddy Bridgewater on the Physically Unable to Perform list to start the season. The broader question is whether he’ll return at all this year.

Coach Mike Zimmer says there’s a “possibility” Bridgewater will be back in 2017, according to Jay Glazer of FOX.

An open issue remains regarding whether Bridgewater’s contract will toll for 2017 if he misses the first six weeks of the season on PUP list. As written, the labor deal suggests that missing the first six weeks bumps the contract to 2018. As applied, the rule suggests that Bridgewater must miss the whole season.

Bridgewater suffered a serious knee injury in practice last August. The Vikings chose not to exercise his fifth-year option, and they have anointed Sam Bradford the starting quarterback after sending first-and fourth-round picks to the Eagles for him last September.

The team has been tight-lipped regarding Bridgewater’s status, and regarding whether his contract will toll if he spends the first six weeks of the season on the PUP list.

43 responses to ““Possibility” Teddy Bridgewater returns in 2017, according to Mike Zimmer

  1. I think it’s pretty obvious that Teddy will start the year on the PUP and will only be activated if he is clearly, without a doubt, able to play AND something terrible has happened to Bradford. If Bradford stays healthy and plays well, there’s no need to activate Bridgewater, but if they need a new starter, it would be a gift to see what Teddy can do this year. I think Spielman will know exactly what has to happen for the contract to toll. They may even work out a new short-term deal that’s fair for everybody, especially if they’re not holding onto Bradford.

  2. The magician stole Bradford from Philly. There’s no need to rush Teddy back. He’ll start the season on the PUP and get some playing time late in the season after the Vikings have the division wrapped up. Then Bradford will be franchised and traded, Teddy will come back healthy, and the Vikings will dominate the North for the next 12-15 years.

  3. Teddy! Teddy! Teddy!
    one of the more interesting storylines this season is the future at quarterback.

    there’s a good chance neither Bradford or Bridgewater is under center next year.
    we’ll see

  4. Bradford has better stats, but Bridgewater is a better leader, winner and teammate. The team is just better with Teddy no doubt about it. 11-5 and NFC north champs in his first full year as starter

  5. Considering how severe the injury was this kid is very lucky to have a leg let alone e in a position to even be able to play football again. I remember when it happened and those trainers saved his leg. I hope he comes back and gets a chance just because of what he went through.

  6. eswturftoe says:
    August 26, 2017 at 3:33 pm
    if he gets healthy i see the jags calling for him
    Why would they want a worse QB than the one they already have.
    Bortles has passed circles around Bridgewater since they came into the league and oddly enough their fan base wants to run him out of town, while the Barneys keep extolling the virtues of their “Franchise QB”.

    And then you wonder why fans around the league continue to laugh at you.

  7. allight59 says:
    August 26, 2017 at 4:49 pm
    Teddy and Cook with some read options would be fun to watch. Will have to wait til next season…
    Are you serious?
    This kid just had a devastating knee injury and will be lucky to continue to play again, and you want him to basically get hit on almost every single snap?
    Honestly, do you even watch football?

  8. The question is, would Theodore have done what Bradford did last year; stayed strong and played to win, even after all 52 of those other mutts flat-out quit on Zimmer. That alone should make it Bradford’s team to lose and Bradford fans out of all of you.

  9. A lot of Teddy’s play is/was dependent on his wheels- that was a big part of his M.O. and he might now have reservations before deciding to leave the pocket. Who could blame him? His knee was shredded and there was ZERO contact.

    Sam has had a full off-season to work with the team and if (keeping my fingers crossed) our O-Line can stay healthy we might actually get to see the Sam Bradford he was expected to be coming out of the Draft. There were some glimpses of that before the O-Line got knocked down to 2nd and 3rd teamers. Cook in the backfield is going to help him tremendously- pass blocking AND pass catching. Two skills AD didn’t have. It’s going to look quite strange seeing a RB pick up a blitz.

    I’m not disrepecting Bridgewater here- but he still has one hell of a battle ahead of him. I really hope he comes back 110% AND Bradford lights it up. That wouldn’t be such a bad position to be in.

  10. tjacks7 says:
    August 26, 2017 at 4:05 pm
    The magician stole Bradford from Philly.
    Is that the same “magician” who made those signings that assembled the offensive line last season? That was truly magical!

  11. Packer crazies wanting nothing to do with Teddy. They know if comes back to lead the Vikings it’s Minnesota’s division. Teddy’s injury is the reason they won it last season.

  12. wafflestomp says:
    August 26, 2017 at 5:59 pm

    “Bortles has passed circles around the Packer’s terrible defense in Week #1.”


    I fixed it for you!!

  13. I counted more packer fan comments in this thread than Viking fan comments. Slow saturday in sconnie I guess. My read is that it’s just jealousy that the Vikings have a qb who is an actual decent human being.

  14. Why in the world is Zimmer even talking about this at this early point in the season? I’m quite sure Terence Newman has not yet decided who’s going to play and who isn’t.

  15. The Packers got beat in Atlanta. Badly. Atlanta outplayed them in every facet of the game. Sometimes that happens. Of course, having had more success than most other teams (and that’s putting it nicely) we can tip our cap to Atlanta and live with it. It’s not the end of the world. If the Packers had QUIT… like your Vikings quit on, and walked all over, “hard nose Zimmer” we’d be pretty distraught. Thankfully, they just took a beating at the hands of the better team that day.

    Your Vikings quit. Flat-out quit. Systematically, position group by position group, QUIT. It started with the O-line when “hard nose Zimmer” called them out in the media after Phillie embarrassed them and quickly spread through the rest of the offense. Next was the defensive front, and it culminated with the “vaunted Zimmer backfield” going into full mutiny and doing whatever they wanted with ZERO regard for Zimmer, his “vauntedness,” or his hard nose. Quit. Every last one of them except for Bradford and everybody on Earth saw it and knows it.

    The best part is that the players know now that Zimmer doesn’t control their fate, they control Zimmer’s fate. As soon as he starts screaming again, they’ll quit again and Zimmer will join Tice, Childress and Frazier on Minnesota’s ever-growing “best coach in the NFL” scrap pile. When the Vikings gave a lucrative extension to a guy that openly admitted he quit, that told us all we need to know about how much regard the Vikings organization has for “old hard nose.”

    I just wonder who’s going to be the next “best coach in the NFL” to watch his career die an agonizing death at the hands of your Vikings.

  16. Teddy is a qb that has played for two seasons and threw a grand total of 14 TD’s in each season. In the pass happy NFL, that doesn’t cut it much less qualify as a franchise QB . But somehow, that appears to be lost on the Viking fan base who are clamouring for this return as if finding another qb to throw 14 TD’s isn’t exactly hard to pull off.

  17. I seriously get a kick out any Minnesota or Green Bay post just to read each other’s fan base jokes towards the other club. You guys are hilariously silly but amusing.

  18. Bridgewater being tossed aside like nothing for Bradford. Hmmm. Briedgewater is black, and Bradford is white. What could possibly account for the difference in respect?

  19. Cmon cabbage… that was a lame rant. I expected better. No Viking quit, we just got beat. Just like your team got beat in Atl. It’s ok to admit when you’re wrong, it’s what real men do.

  20. If Teddy came back and played effectively at 110% (which isn’t going to happen,) he’d be equal to Bradford.

    Bradford is better.

  21. Good news for the preseason champs. Vegas Insiders has moved the Vikings championship futures odds up from 40/1 to 36/1.
    Meanwhile the Packers have moved up to 9/1 – 2nd best behind NE.
    Hopefully Rodgers stays healthy, otherwise GB will be about as good as the Vikings.

  22. Don’t Packers fans know that when they make fun of Bridgewater and how bad he and the Vikings are…they are making the Packers look really bad…because TB was 1-1 against the Packers two years ago…and Bradford was 1-1 against the Packers last year…so according to your own statements…the Packers are 2-2 against a pathetic team with a crappy coach and no QB… And over the course of history the all-time record is 60-51-2 in favor of the Packers…not quite the historical domination most Packers fans on here try and convince themselves of….

  23. I’m not here to entertain you, I’m here to talk football with those that care to and to provide nothing but the actual facts when necessary. That was no rant, that was 100% truth. They quit. You know it and I know it.

  24. Me and everybody else not suffering delusions. Have you noticed yet that your purple brethren don’t have anything to say about this? It’s because they can’t. It happened. Now they may want to argue about whether Zimmer can recover from it, but they cannot argue that it happened. Because it did. And they know it.

  25. August 26, 2017 at 11:39 pm

    If Teddy came back and played effectively at 110% (which isn’t going to happen,) he’d be equal to Bradford.

    Bradford is better.

    That could very well be the case. There’s no way Teddy will have MORE potential post-knee injury. No idea what his true potential was/is.

  26. briang123 says:
    August 26, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    Bridgewater being tossed aside like nothing for Bradford. Hmmm. Briedgewater is black, and Bradford is white. What could possibly account for the difference in respect?


    I know, because Bridgewater was white when the Vikings drafted him, right?

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