Dolphins not listening to Jarvis Landry trade offers


Earlier this year, former NFL executive Mike Lombardi exposed the Richard Sherman trade chatter, and Lombardi was accurate. One out of two ain’t bad.

Lombardi now says that “Miami will listen to offers on Jarvis Landry and seriously listen.”

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Dolphins are not listening to trade offers, and that the suggestion is “zero percent” accurate.

A team last inquired about Landry in the spring. The talks never went anywhere, because the Dolphins want to keep Landry around.

Regardless of whether the Dolphins would listen (they won’t), the question becomes which team in its right mind would try to trade for Landry two weeks before Week One? When the Rams acquired receiver Sammy Watkins more than two weeks ago, the Rams knew they had limited time to get Watkins up to speed. With less than two weeks to get Landry comfortable with the playbook, the play calls, the audibles, his quarterback, his other receivers, the coaches, etc., there would be limited value for 2017.

Then there’s the reality that Landry is in a contract year. So a team that trades for him now would be getting a potential one-year rental, unless they manage to sign him to a long-term deal or apply the franchise tag.

23 responses to “Dolphins not listening to Jarvis Landry trade offers

  1. Of course they should trade him to get an asset that will peak in three years. They aren’t winning anything worth bragging about until Brady retires.

  2. I think they still remember Wes Welker. Letting him go wasn’t such a good idea…

  3. Landry is a great slot. But what do you pay a great slot? You also have Tannehill questions because of his contract. Suh locked up for a few more years. And what if DVP becomes the alpha this year? Without Tannehill, we will see values rise and fall. The best thing for the Fins, would be a breakout year by DVP and Stills, with Thomas becoming a seam threat.

    In the game against Philly, we seen the difference between all three players on a similar patterns down the right side. DVP with a great catch, Stills beating his man and getting a PI in the end zone, Landry was unable to establish separation and no net gain. All three faced Darby in each instance.

  4. Jarvis Landry is the kind of guy you want to keep around. You want him on the field, and in the locker room. When the team is watching film, they see the courage this guy shows going over the middle. They see the mental toughness. When the team need a play, Landry is the guy they look to, and he makes the play. He’s the epitome of a leader. If they get rid of him, the other players will definitely question the Dolphins’ commitment to winning. He does everything that’s asked of him, and more.

  5. Landry is a good receiver but does not have the quickness to create separation. For his limited abilities he has been very productive. If a team were to offer a starting left guard; That could work to the Dolphins favor and a trade might be facilitated.

  6. “Landry is a good receiver but does not have the quickness to create separation.”

    Yeah, cause that whole 289 receptions through his first 3 seasons, an NFL record, was just a silly coincidence huh? SMH.

  7. So you think Watkins can be traded cuz they still had all of preseason, but Landry wouldn’t because its the end of August?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA good one!

  8. People that are comparing this to a possible Welker deal are not informed. The Pat’s signed him to a poison pill deal the FINZ had MO way of matching. The league made the Pat’s throw in a 2nd pick “just because”. As bad as this team has been the past 2 decades, they get no slack from this long suffering fan. But this spin isn’t accurate

  9. Landry and Ajayi’s attitudes have been the sparks that have rejuvenated our vanilla offense.

  10. As much as I love Landry… the reality is our offensive draft picks are panning out better than our defensive ones… leaving us to go to free agency or the junk yard to find our defensive players and that hasn’t worked out well for us. And injuries are piling up on the defensive side of the ball too. So with that said getting a star corner for a star wide out – how can you say boo about that??

  11. Landry is my favourite player on the team because of his drive and desire. I don’t know if he’s worth the estimated $12m+ he’s rumoured to be looking for and I don’t see how we can put all of that into the WR position, especially as Ajayi will be looking for an extension at the end of the year. I wouldn’t rule out a trade.

  12. Not listening to offers – unless there is a ridiculously big one. Jarvis allegedly seeks top 5 NFL receiver money. He’s very, very good but he doesn’t score many TDs. His renegotiation behind the scenes has gone nowhere because he wants Antonio Brown and Julio Jones money and Miami has another top receiver in Parker set for a great season.

  13. Lot’s of catches to go along with lots of ‘STUPID!!!’ penalties, and very few touchdowns. The guy has made some plays but, $12million per year? I think not. If he and his people are talking that much cake, he might look better goin’. I’ll take a young stud d-back, and a draft pick or two any day.

  14. JL does need to be realistic and be a team first guy and understand he is not worth top 5 money. If Parker has a good season this year then he is gonna need to get paid. So with Parker, Stills and Landry all getting new contracts they will not have cap room for that. Miami is not in cap trouble like everyone assumes because of Suh and RT. Each season the cap number goes up so to say they are in cap hell is totally not true. They do however need money to pay the other 45 players.

  15. I know this is worth every downvote but in my imagination if Juice wants $12 mil a year I’d trade him for a high 2nd rd pick, sign Leveon for $14 mil, and trade Ajayi for a (legit d back) or (pro bowl o lineman and a pick). Leveon can cover rb and the slot position as good as either and they’d save an entire salary. 3 positions and 1-2 draft picks covered for the cost of 2 players.

    Then again, loyalty to your current draft picks is nice too.

  16. You all have wasted valuable time (including myself) reading and commenting on such BS. They are NOT Trading Landry. Not unless it was the most incredible deal like a top young QB or #1 rounder in the top 15 picks and even then it would not happen. The Dolphins are not in Cap trouble and never were. They will restructure Suh and Wake (both have agreed). Also, Tannehill’s future is iffy. They can let him walk next year or restructure with no harm. Pouncey (contracted, but injured all the time), Maxwell and Juan James all have to prove it this year or be released saving another $17M. THey have a lot of young talent and very low cost older Vets. They are in great Cap shape and Landry is the “Face of the Team” along with Suh and Wake. They let Olivier Vernon go… they had to his price was too much. They let Lamar Miller go… who cares Ajayi beat him anyway. The Dolphins DO sign their Draft picks. The problem is the past regime chose mediocre and they don’t deserve 2nd contracts. That is all changing under Gase.

  17. dh4321 says:
    August 27, 2017 at 5:10 pm
    People that are comparing this to a possible Welker deal are not informed. The Pat’s signed him to a poison pill deal…

    And neither are you. The Pats did not sign him to a deal until AFTER the trade.

  18. that miami sports market sucks so bad they cannot teambuild

    the fans want stars and don’t have patience for a proper


  19. janneywheels says:
    August 27, 2017 at 5:06 pm
    So you think Watkins can be traded cuz they still had all of preseason, but Landry wouldn’t because its the end of August?

    HAHAHAHAHAHA good one!
    My thoughts exactly. Landry is a very good receiver, with good route running skills and is smart, could learn a playbook and develop a rapport with a QB by week 8 or less. Teams who believe they have a good shot at the playoffs with a need for a slot WR would at least listen to the Dolphins on what they’d want for him. Pair Landry up with an above average QB and they’ll be clicking for the stretch run into the playoffs.

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