Mitch Trubisky sharp on good day for Bears quarterbacks


Bears rookie Mitch Trubisky got his first playing time with the first team on Sunday in Nashville, but his best moment of the game came after the team subbed in some backups at the skill positions.

Trubisky threw a perfect strike to Tanner Gentry for a 45-yard touchdown in the fourth quarter to cap the only scoring drive that Trubisky led before being replaced by Connor Shaw. Trubisky flashed some good wheels during his quarter-plus with both a nine-yard scramble for a first down and a strong throw while moving away from pressure that Victor Cruz dropped.

Trubisky, who ended the day 10-of-15 for 128 yards, didn’t avoid every rough patch. The Bears had to burn a timeout and later took a delay of game penalty because they were slow getting set up, but the overall effort continued a strong summer for the second overall pick in this year’s draft.

All of that followed a good outing for Mike Glennon, who opened his day with an impressive touchdown drive and closed it by leading the Bears to a field goal. He finished 11-of-18 for 134 yards, although those numbers could have been better if not for a poor throw that could have been a touchdown just before the half. Coach John Fox still told FOX Sports’ Pam Oliver that Glennon was “superb” during a halftime interview.

The same could be said of Trubisky, which should leave the Bears feeling pretty good about their quarterbacks after their dress rehearsal for the regular season.

6 responses to “Mitch Trubisky sharp on good day for Bears quarterbacks

  1. To be fair Trubisky went against Titans #2’s on defense. No way Fox gives him the starting job right now.

  2. I keep saying Chicago has more talent than a lot of people think and are going to surprise lots of people. Reminds me of when they made the playoffs back when Lovie Smith had been there a couple of years and no one saw it coming. I don’t love their receivers, but that’s not John Fox’s style anyway. He likes to run the ball and play defense, and I think this team will allow him to do that well if Glennon and Trubiski can manage the game well, something that Cutler has always been terrible at.

  3. Mitch was not steady when he first came out. I don’t know if it was nerves, but he missed his first two throws and then fumbled a ball. A lot had to happen for Mitch to win the starting job, and it didn’t, and he didn’t. At least for now…

    Let’s hope Glennon lights it up. I doubt that will happen, but we can hope.

  4. “I keep saying Chicago has more talent than a lot of people think and are going to surprise lots of people.”

    lol only after they have a good game. go away and jump on someone else’s wagon.

    fox=underrated qb developer.

    and he took over a gm-less garbage fire and will live to come out the other side with ryan paste.

  5. No one is expecting the QB play to be all-pro, just hope it is solid enough to manage the game. The Titans had their first team offense out there for 3 quarters and got exactly 0 points. Chicago’s front seven is one of the best in the league. If Howard/Cohen can run the ball effectively and get minor production from Glennon, this Bears team could be decent this year. Definitely an improvement coming.

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