Patriots release Matt Lengel, Caleb Kidder

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The Patriots released tight end Matt Lengel and defensive end Caleb Kidder, the team announced Sunday.

Lengel, 26, was signed by New England to the 53-man roster from the Bengals’ practice squad on Nov. 2, 2016. He originally entered the NFL as a rookie free agent with the Bengals out of Eastern Kentucky on May 8, 2015.

The Bengals released Lengel on Sept. 5, 2015, and he spent his rookie season on the team’s practice squad. Lengel began the 2016 season with Cincinnati and was released at the end of training camp before the Bengals signed him back to the practice squad on Sept. 4, 2016.

Lengel played in six games in the regular season and all three postseason games, including Super Bowl LI, last season with the Patriots. He finished with two receptions for 22 yards, including an 18-yard touchdown pass on his very first NFL reception against Jets on Dec. 24.

Kidder, 23, was signed by the Patriots on July 27. He was originally signed by the Vikings as a rookie free agent out of Montana on May 1. Minnesota released him July 21.

Kidder finished his college career with 194 total tackles and 14 sacks in 47 games with 25 starts at Montana. As a senior in 2016, he earned second-team All-Big Sky honors.  

11 responses to “Patriots release Matt Lengel, Caleb Kidder

  1. @milepgskin
    I seriously doubt this site will ever not notice the pats good moves. They will never post about the dumb moves or question the pats cheating ways.

  2. Man it’s so AWESOME being a Patriots fan….. I get to read all those posts from jealous & envious fans of other teams…. What’s hysterical, is that they really believe their ongoing negative snibbling somehow diminishes our joy of supporting the best TEAM in the NFL…. 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls & STILL OWNING so many of those poor lost souls…..
    Life is GOOD. In Patriot Nation!!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  3. Sorry kissbillsrings. I didn’t mean to ruin your night. I sense the sarcasm and I’m sure all the fans from teams that don’t cheat enjoy it……all 31. But not me….im sorry for getting in your head.

  4. Lol…. I’m having a great night…..pretty much have since SuperBowl 51…..& I KNOW THATS in YOUR HEAD…..
    Excited for ANOTHER season of watching the Pats go after Ring #6…..but First, I look forward to watching banner #5 getting raised opening night…..AWESOME!!! JUST AWESOME!!!
    Hope you all enjoy it as much as we Patriot fans will….. But probably not….but please do try for me, ok??!!

  5. “hey buddy all teams cheat if you call what the patriots did cheating.”

    exactly what i say too. yes bradioto cheated, yes everybody does it and more, yes he was railroaded. no the pool cover does not come in white.

  6. Great to see members of the Alt-Left #Resistance finding time from decorating their Mom’s basement to share their delusions and hatred about the Pats. Without such losers to compare against we might not be able to truly appreciate the joy and happiness of winning and meeting high expectations.

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