Report: Browns have chosen DeShone Kizer as QB, will announce today

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DeShone Kizer appeared to do enough to win the Browns’ starting quarterback job on Saturday night, and Browns coach Hue Jackson is set to make it official on Sunday.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that Jackson has chosen Kizer over Brock Osweiler and Cody Kessler, and Kizer will start the season against the Steelers on September 10. Jackson will inform the team today and then announce the decision publicly, according to the report.

The rest of the Browns’ quarterback depth chart remains unclear. Cabot reports that fourth-stringer Kevin Hogan, who played well on Saturday night, may not only make the roster but even leapfrog Kessler on the depth chart. Also unclear is whether Osweiler will be on the team at all, or whether the Browns will move on from the former Bronco and Texan who started Cleveland’s first two preseason games.

A second-round rookie, Kizer has undeniable physical talent and has shown flashes of brilliance, although he’s also struggled to throw accurately consistently in the preseason. But the Browns are a team building for the future, and they’re hoping Kizer can prove he’s the quarterback of the future.

33 responses to “Report: Browns have chosen DeShone Kizer as QB, will announce today

  1. streetyson says:
    August 27, 2017 at 10:22 am
    Brock to Bills.

    Brock to anywhere. I have never seen accuracy issues like he has until he showed up under center. Not sure DK is ready but he is a better option than the other two. And I would keep Hogan. He has talent.

  2. I wouldn’t trade any QBs away. Keep em in case you unexpectedly suffer a bunch of QB injuries like last year.

  3. Obviously the Browns have drafted the QB of the future, and they’re ready to begin rebuilding around him. Kizer, just like in college, has shown great athletic talent. Very few QB’s are like Brady and Montana, who seemed to have the mental part down the moment they stepped on the field. For most QB’s, you only learn through game experience. So the Browns are basically experimenting with a talented QB in hopes that they can develop him into a player. They’re not expecting to win anything this year, but they’re not going to broadcast that.

  4. 3-13. You’ve got maybe 3 games to win Browns fans: @ Colts (a chance if Luck isn’t ready), and at home versus the Jets and Jaguars. Ah, who are we kidding, 2-14. Kizer is not ready for Canadian football. I have no idea how Hue Jackson has a job. Good luck.

  5. This team will surprise. Defense and running game will make them competitive while Kizer learns, Hue manages the game, and they take occasional shots downfield.


  6. Yep….. called that one before training camp was a week old. I still remember all the thumbs down I received. I think with patience it’ll work. Good luck brownies.

  7. “3-13. You’ve got maybe 3 games to win Browns fans: @ Colts (a chance if Luck isn’t ready), and at home versus the Jets and Jaguars. Ah, who are we kidding, 2-14. Kizer is not ready for Canadian football. I have no idea how Hue Jackson has a job. Good luck.”


    You have not obviously watched the Browns play. Kizer has immense physical talent/arm strength and is a quick learner. He already has made so brilliant plays, granted it’s preseason. Just as important the Browns DEFENSE is much improved especially with the addition of Myles Garret and Peppers, defense coordinator Greg Williams, and others. The whole defense have improved immensely, especially against the run and rushing the passer. Winning 6-8 games, maybe MORE is now entirely possible.

  8. But the real question is will Kizer stand for the national anthem, and if so, what is his explanation for doing so?

  9. I saw Kizer play with Notre Dame and thought he was a very good prospect. I think he’s going to develop into a good QB. So for once, the Browns are making a good move at QB.

  10. The right move for the Browns would have been to draft this year for the offensive line and to wait for the 2018 draft for a QB. That draft is stocked with many quarterbacks who are ahead of Kizer now. We all know the names.

  11. I am a lifelong Browns fan that has listened to every podcast, watched every minute of every preseason game, and read the tea leaves during the rookie mini-camp and regular. Kizer clearly has the most potential out of anyone on the roster. He may not be the answer, but it has become very clear that the other three are DEFINITELY not the answer. They simply are not starting QBs.

    I was skeptical of Kizer, but my eyes say he gives them the best chance to win right now. The team steps up around him. They give up on the other guys because they just can’t play. Kizer made plays last night that I haven’t seen a Browns QB make in a decade. Light it up, Kid!

  12. Is this any surprise?

    That QB will be in for a rude awakening as the gimmick is over on running QB’s and the best way to eliminate them from the roster is to blitz them often and to have them removed from the field on a cart.

    I’m so sick of these QB’s who wear QB Halloween costumes and think they are real QB’s.

  13. If Kizer is the guy, then cut Osweiller so Kizer doesn’t have to wonder if he’s going to get yanked. Any hesitation on Kizer, then start with Osweiller and let Kizer watch his mistakes and successes to learn. If there is any wonder about the offensive line then Kizer needs to back up a bit. No need to kill his career with a sieve offensive line.

  14. Their oline has been improved, which should mean a better running game. He needs more receiver help. Defensively, Williams has that group playing good, so 5-6 wins isn’t out of the question. And they have a lot of draft picks to further build the offense for this kid. And after a 1 win season, what else do they have to lose?

  15. Kizer played part of one game against the first team guys who were playing a vanilla defense. Hue Jackson is just rolling the dice because he knows his time may be running out.

  16. silverhat78 says:
    August 27, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    That about does it for Brock. Career back up or out of the NFL.

    Were I him, I would retire with my 40-50 million, and just go have fun.

  17. Take that, Brian Kelly. You said Keizer wasn’t ready for the NFL and should have stayed at ND. Time to take that crow out of the freezer for tonight’s dinner.

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