Seven teams made waivers claims for Kony Ealy

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No one wanted to trade with the Patriots for defensive end Kony Ealy. But nearly 25 percent of the league was happy to claim his contract on waivers.

Seven total teams made waivers claims, according to Jane Slater of NFL Media. Beyond the Jets, who secured priority (sucking has its privileges), the Cowboys, Giants, Buccaneers, Washington, Lions, and Cardinals.

Ealy is signed through 2017, at a base salary of $800,000. He became an instant star with three sacks in Super Bowl 50. He had five in 16 games last season, which shows that he’s capable of playing well in the right system.

20 responses to “Seven teams made waivers claims for Kony Ealy

  1. The Broncos didn’t? Really? Obviously it wouldn’t have made a difference but with all the injuries on the DL and seeing this guy up close in the SB you don’t make a waiver claim?

  2. The Giants are STACKED at DE….and even they made a claim. I still dont get why he was released.

  3. These teams all liked him, but nobody was willing to swap positions in round 7? Or give up a player they were likely going to cut anyway? They probably could have got him for that. Why not?

  4. Why wouldn’t the cowboys give up a 7th? Their front seven is devoid of pass rushers.

  5. Teams are smart. Why burn a a draft pick for a player who was going to get cut anyway. Then again, if you wanted him that badly, knowing you’re that far down in the pecking order on the waiver wire, you should have pulled the trigger.

  6. If BB couldn’t get him to play what makes the Jets think they can..just looking for a paycheck just like the rest of the Jets are.Sucking does have its privileges

  7. arwiv says:
    August 27, 2017 at 11:18 pm
    The Giants are STACKED at DE….and even they made a claim. I still dont get why he was released.

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    You don’t understand why he was released? lol

    Did you watch any of the preseason games? It’s one thing to be slow to adjust, but to
    have no heart, no effort and act like you don’t want to be there, is a bad sign for anyone’s

    He had a beautiful opportunity to go for a ring and now it looks like there is a reason NE only lost 12 spots in the 2nd rd to see if the guy would revitalize his career playing for a winner in a FA year.

    What more motivation could anyone need?

    As with Haynesworth, his career is over. Can’t coach heart and effort.

  8. If any team really wanted him, they would have offered the Patriots a conditional 7th round pick (condition that he makes their team). Six other teams may have wanted to kick the tires.

  9. They claim NE couldn’t find a trade partner but 7 teams put in claims? When NE could have even taken a 7th rounder. I think NE didn’t ask all teams but just the garbage teams. Why would NE trade with Giants or Cowboys knowing they could potentially see them in the Superbowl and Kony will be motivated to cause terror by their action towards him.

  10. “I still dont get why he was released.”

    Low effort and intensity on a team where everyone works flat out all day long every day. If you don’t keep up you get kicked out. He found out just like Terrance Knighton did last season.

    Doesn’t matter if you are a vet with big money guaranteed or anything else to Belichick. You work you rear end off or you’re gone.

  11. It’s the nature of the business, you never know for sure if they have the guts and intellect to play in the ultimate team system until they get there. He didn’t, Belichick left him behind.

  12. The good thing for Ealy is he is re-united with his cousin on the Jets D-Line, Sheldon Richardson. I personally can’t wait for the YouTube video of these two rubbin dubs n rolling on 20’s, 120 m-p-h, with a 12 year old in the back….

  13. “playing well in the right system.”

    At least people recognize the pats for what they are. A system where the sum is always greater than the parts.

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