Adam Gase: “No chance” we’re trading Jarvis Landry


On Sunday, a source told PFT that talk about the Dolphins listening to trade offers involving wide receiver Jarvis Landry was “zero percent” true.

On Monday, coach Adam Gase said the same thing. Gase said that he had heard the report from former NFL executive Mike Lombardi and went to the receiver to tell him that he won’t be leaving Miami this year.

“I did talk to him and told him there’s no chance that he’s going to be traded,” Gase said, via “And if something that’s not true comes out like that, then I’m going to deal with it. I’m going to approach the player. … I just let him know that there’s no chance I’m going to trade you.”

Landry is heading into the final year of his contract and there’s been no sign of progress toward an extension. Landry said he will not talk about one once the season gets underway, so his time with the team may be winding down but it doesn’t look like there will be a sudden end.

8 responses to “Adam Gase: “No chance” we’re trading Jarvis Landry

  1. He’s not going anywhere. In 2017 it’s impossible to tell what ‘stories’ are real and which are fake, made-up or floated to the public in an effort to gauge public opinion. The Dolphins and Gase will not let one of the best WR’s in the game walk, no way. We’ll Franchise him if we have too. He’s gonna tear up some AFCE DB’s this year. Hide and watch.


  2. Doubt him possibly being traded is true. He couldn’t learn another teams playbook that fast and I’m sure JL is one of the reasons Cutler jumped off the couch to play football again. Just watching the preseason game against philly showed why landry is valuable. Julius Thomas got his td because of Landry. Landry runs amazing routes as well. On a sidenote though…GASE is an amazing coach. Going to JL to tell him not too worry was a good move by the coach!

  3. I think Gase, like most coaches, probably picks up the phone when another GM calls just to hear them out. He probably got low-balled for a 1-year rental a fair amount and decided that it wasn’t worth it for a player of Landry’s caliber and made this announcement today. Pretty much every player in the NFL can go for the right price.

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