Cameron Meredith has torn ACL, other damage to knee

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Bears wide receiver Cameron Meredith hurt his knee early in Sunday’s game against the Titans and word out of the locker room at halftime was that the team’s doctors thought Meredith tore his ACL.

Meredith had further tests done to confirm that diagnosis and the news didn’t get any better after the results came in. Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that Meredith does have a torn ACL and that he also suffered “other damage” to his knee that will require other tests.

The news is bad for Meredith, but it never looked good for the wideout on Sunday. His leg bent in a very awkward way as he went down at the end of reception and trainers immediately immobilized the leg in an air cast before helping Meredith onto a cart.

Meredith led the Bears in receptions and receiving yards last season and hoped to build on that this year. Had he done that, he would have been an interesting case for the Bears in terms of what level tended to use on him as a restricted free agent if they didn’t move for a long-term deal.

Meredith is still set to be a restricted free agent, but the question may now shift to whether he’s healed enough for the Bears to extend him any tender.

13 responses to “Cameron Meredith has torn ACL, other damage to knee

  1. And this makes Kevin “the bust” White, a number 1 receiver…..what a waste. He has done nothing to earn the # 1 spot. Make Tanner Gentry #1.

  2. lioninthehouse says:
    August 28, 2017 at 3:22 pm
    Yo Steelers… Trade time… you got lots of 2nd/3rd team wideouts… you need cornerbacks… get it done.
    They do? Not many that can catch the ball. And the ones that are able to the Steelers won’t part with.

  3. They do? Not many that can catch the ball. And the ones that are able to the Steelers won’t part with.
    Yes they do. The starting 2 are Brown and Bryant. Then in the slot you have likely Eli Rogers and Juju Schuster. You still have Sammie Coates and Justin Hunter still vying for spots.
    I would think the Steelers would be willing to listen to orders for Rogers, Hunter or Coates.

  4. Sorry to hear that for him and the fans. I feel your pain. I know from Bridgewater going down how that is. Hopefully they both recover quickly.

  5. This one is going to be rough on the Bears. They have a pretty weak WR group as it is, with Kevin White, Markus Wheaton, and Kendall Wright as the top three. It should say something though that Victor Cruz is not showing up on the field. They don’t want him to get hurt, and he is likely a cut waiting to happen.
    I think the Bears need to be a TE-heavy offense now, with more 2 and 3 TE formations, and try not to go any deeper than 3 WR for any given play. Gentry might make things interesting, and also Titus Davis is impressing me enough to consider replacing Bellamy with one of the youngsters. Maybe not as good on special teams, but offer more than Bellamy’s stone hands in the passing game.

    Either way, this might be the weakest group in the league without Meredith, and it wasn’t all that great with him.

  6. Packer fan here. This is awful, do not like seeing this happen to anyone. Jordy Nelson overcame a torn ACL, I hope this kid comes back and recovers, as well.

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