J.J. Watt fundraising for Houston flood relief


With much of Houston facing incredible flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt is doing his part to help.

Watt posted a video on social media last night asked for fundraising assistance for victims, and when the goal of $200,000 was surpassed in a few hours, he upped his goal to $500,0000.

“I’m sitting here watching the news, seeing everything that’s going on back home with Hurricane Harvey, ” Watt said, via Aaron Wilson of the Houston Chronicle. “It’s very difficult. It’s very difficult not only because we have family and friends back there. Some guys have wives and kids back there. That’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help, not be there to help with the recovery, not be there to help with the process.

“It’s very difficult. What I do want to do is start a fundraiser because I know these recovery efforts are going to be massive. There’s a whole bunch of people we need to help, to help people get back on their feet and help rebuild. If you can donate something small or something big, please help. Houston is a great city. We’re going to come out of this stronger than ever. Everybody in Houston stay safe. We’re going to come back and we’re going to help you out.”

Watt’s fundraiser was near $280,000 as of this morning, and you can make donations here.

Donations can also be made to the Red Cross, as an entire region beyond Houston is suffering from the massive storm.

5 responses to “J.J. Watt fundraising for Houston flood relief

  1. I am not from Houston , but family use to live there. My heart goes out to all of them. And I appreciate JJ’s efforts greatly. He is using his fame for good and for the good of his fans.

  2. This is how you use your fame and fortune to help a cause. I don’t think you will see Mr. Watt kneeling or sitting at the anthem to draw attention to this tragedy.

  3. Usual suspects with their thumbs down criticism of JJ as being an attention seeker. With some of the other faces of the NFL out there causing issues, i’m glad the guy is on my team and living in my city. Well done JJ.

  4. Nobody in the floods can relate to poor jj who had it so hard and overcame so much , just watch his commercial starting his career as a walk in, I mean that is so tough and so hard, how can anyone relate to such dispair. And why isn’t jj putting up any of his own money? Not surprised in the least

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