Kraft and family pledge up to $1 million for Houston flood relief

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The Texans aren’t the only NFL team donating funds to the massive flood relief effort in and around Houston.

Ownership of the Patriots, which has won two of the franchise’s Super Bowls in Houston, has pledged up to $1 million to the effort, via a commitment to match funds donated through a website that is being established through the American Red Cross.

Robert Kraft and his family will contribute on a dollar-for-dollar basis up to $1 million donated by the public through the website, via the Associated Press.

Hopefully, more NFL teams will follow suit. Even more hopefully, these gestures will inspire others to give what they can to aid what will be an enormous undertaking to restore the area and to remedy the affects of an unprecedented storm.

18 responses to “Kraft and family pledge up to $1 million for Houston flood relief

  1. Robert Kraft was a season ticket holder long before he bought the team. Did he purchase as an investment or for the love of football? Probably both. In any event, this is not the first time the Kraft family has ponied up donation money for worthy causes. I wish more owners were like Robert Kraft and I hope they follow his lead.

  2. Considering the Elway story earlier today, perhaps this site should also acknowledge Kraft’s relationship with the president. I didn’t see it mentioned here.

  3. Goodell should be on the phone with every owner demanding they make equal or greater contributions. For once the league can get some positive publicity, instead of the usual everything they do pissing everyone off news.

  4. Bob Kraft is just like Colin Kaepernick!

    Kap has donated over $1 million of his own money, plus countless hours of his own time, to various charities over the past year alone. It’s too bad more of Bob’s fellow NFL owners feel the need to blackball him.

    Yes, he’s being blackballed since head coaches and GMs have tried to sign him, only to be overruled by their team’s owner (we’re looking at you, Mr. Bisciotti).

  5. My heart goes out to the people being affected by this natural disaster. I hope Kraft’s money inspires others to do the same and that it can make a difference.

  6. “That equates to me giving about 50 cents.”

    If you have income and own a home it’s probably more like $20-100.

    I’m sure red cross would take your 50 cents though.

  7. Classy move. Now, if you would only disassociate yourself from the vile Trump and find a way to bury Goodell instead of the hobnobbing you do with him after he’s cheated and defamed your employees, TWICE.

  8. Classy and certainly welcome but “up to $1 million dollars”? Maybe like $5 million? Lord knows these wonders can afford it and would make them look better in the eyes of the fans, owners out doing each other in donations for something like this.

  9. People trying to put any negative spin should get a grip. Any donations are appreciated. As a Texans ST holder, Houstonian and from a competitive standpoint, Patriot hater :), thanks Mr Kraft and Pats organization. Classy move.

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