Louis Riddick continues to insist he wasn’t a Chiefs G.M. candidate


Not long after the Chiefs fired G.M. John Dorsey, a report from NFL Network linked ESPN’s Louis Riddick to the job. Riddick opted to deny the report dramatically on Twitter.

In an interview with Richard Deitsch of SI.com regarding Riddick’s new deal and apparently expanded role, Riddick was asked whether he stands by the response.

“I 100 percent stand by my response,” Riddick told Deitsch. “Look, there are is an element to reporting/news breaking that is strictly source-based/source-reliant. We all know it. We all get it. When you go on record and say ’emphatically’ that someone has been contacted by a team and that an interview is being set up/etc., then you better make sure your sources are correct. That’s all. In this case, the reports from NFL Network were deadass wrong, and that is the long/short of it. Just be right about it. And, if all else fails, ask ME, since I am the best source.”

The best source for getting a reaction to Riddick’s elaboration was Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, the person who provided the original report.

“What I reported is 100 percent accurate,” Rapoport said. “Thank you for asking.”

The Chiefs ultimately interviewed a pair of minority candidates for the G.M. job, but the team has refused to name them. One of them, in theory, could have been Riddick. And his strong reaction could have been a result of the fact that a media company other than the one he works for broke the news. Another potential explanation for Riddick’s strenuous objection to the report may be hiding in plain sight within the Deitsch interview.

“I have always been honest with ESPN,” Riddick said. “I told [senior coordinating producer] Seth Markman specifically that I would not use my role as an analyst as a form of a job interview or vehicle to try and get back to the NFL.”

But then there’s this from Riddick: “Is being a G.M. still a goal? Absolutely. If the right situation comes up and there is interest, I will definitely explore it.”

Those two statements conflict nearly as much as the positions of Rapoport and Riddick regarding whether Riddick was contacted by the Chiefs. Moving forward, it will be interesting to see when, where, and whether Riddick will acknowledge that he’s a candidate for other G.M. jobs, given that: (1) he clearly wants one; and (2) he has given ESPN a vow that he won’t use his current job to get one.