Mike Glennon’s place atop Bears depth chart still secure


Rookie Mitchell Trubisky had another good day for the Bears, and they like his progress.

But they’re still confident that Mike Glennon is their starting quarterback.

Via Dan Wiederer of the Chicago Tribune, the Bears were encouraged by another sharp outing from the veteran free agent, and have no intention of making any changes from their previous plan.

“Obviously we haven’t changed our depth chart for some time now,” Bears coach John Fox said. “I don’t anticipate that happening.”

Glennon was 11-of-18 for 134 yards yesterday against the Titans, and said the benefit of a little more game-planning helped him settle into more of a groove. On his first drive, he was 7-of-9 (hitting five different receivers) for 84 yards, helping the Bears to a 15-play, 96-yard touchdown drive.

“Something I like to hang my hat on is preparing during the week as much as I can,” Glennon said. “That way I’m ready to go on Sundays. Having the full week [for preparation] all the way through, that does fit my strengths. That’s what I pride myself on — being well prepared and working hard during the week.”

It even made an impact on Trubisky, who said of Glennon: “I thought he balled out today. Which was awesome to see.”

And it appears Trubisky will continue to watch it from the comfort of the bench, as Glennon has done nothing to give the job away.

5 responses to “Mike Glennon’s place atop Bears depth chart still secure

  1. Losing Meredith was devastating and disheartening, but should move up Tanner Gentry (hopefully.) I liked what I saw from Glennon finally, not sure if he will be consistent enough after starting the season with some very tough opponents. Either way, it’s nice to the Bears looking pretty good in all three phases. Still a long way to go until they are serious contenders, but it’s a good looking start.

  2. We’ve seen Glennon’s ceiling, and it’s considerably lower than Trubisky’s. Play the rookie.

  3. Only preseason, I know, but that was the best I’ve seen the Bears look as a team in a long time. The injuries though… oy vey. You’d think after 3 or 4 seasons of this stuff that either their luck or their training methods would change, but apparently not.

  4. Glad to hear Glennon will be starting. Chicago needs to give Trubisky a chance to learn the offense in practice and get used to the speed of the game. Having Glennon as the bridge to Trubisky is the best thing the Bears can do.

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