Stafford pushes the bar to $27 million per year, sort of

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The five-year contract extension signed by Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has a total value of $135 million, per multiple reports. That gives the deal a new-money average of $27 million per year.

The full value at the time of signing will be less than that. With Stafford due to make $16.5 million in 2017, the new six-year deal has a total value at signing of $25.25 million.

That puts him north of the prior new-money record, secured last month by Raiders quarterback Derek Carr, who has a new-money average of $25 million but whose total six-year deal is worth roughly $21 million per year.

Critical factors still need to be evaluated, including signing bonus, full guarantee at signing, cash flow, and whether the deal contains any type of protection against ongoing spikes in the cap. By 2022, $27 million may be a middle-of-the-pack number, in the same way that Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers‘ $22 million per year in new money has faded from the top of the stack.

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  1. Aaron won’t like this. At all. Until he gets a new deal. No matter who on his team suffers for it.

  2. That’s a lot of money. Maybe Stafford really is just better than Aaron?

  3. My Packers wont’ want to pay Aaron as much because he’s on the decline. Aaron will have to pout a lot to get his money now.

  4. Aaron Rodgers is just the kind of unselfish family guy that people want to see get paid. Right?

  5. I guess not sucking as bad as the rest is the only requirement these days. What’s the value on an actual Super Bowl winning qb going to bring?

  6. How many playoff games has Stafford won? Not a pats fan but I respect Brady for taking less money to build a superior team.

  7. And the teams that continue to put nearly $30 million into mediocre quarterbacks keep stinking up the place.

  8. Glad they got it done. Now how bad is the collateral damage going to be to the roster… that already has holes that need filling in future off-seasons.

  9. It is crazy that the new records for contracts keep being set by guys who are in the 5th-10th best at their positions rather than the 1st-5th guys. Nobody else was going to pay Stafford that kind of money, so why did the Lions?

  10. “… the new six-year deal has a total value at signing of $25.25 million.”

    that’s pretty cheap for a quarterback!

  11. Stafford is not the best player ever but he is a decent quarterback. The Lions had no choice or they would have ended up like one of the several teams always searching for a quarterback.

  12. Everyone knew Rodgers signed a short-sighted, team-friendly deal the day it was announced. The fact that he’s whining about years later is no one’s fault but his and his agent’s.

  13. Nothing wrong with this deal at all. The cap continues to rise and Stafford is a top 10 QB. Certainly better than trading away a bunch of picks and risking the next 5 years of your franchise on a Trebruski and hoping they pan out.

  14. I mean just look at these deals. They’re horrible, just horrible.

    Did you hear about the Stafford deal? I mean seriously, it’s just stupid. We’re making stupid deals and they’re laughing at us. They’re laughing at us.

    I told some people this morning, I said, “Look at this deal. Just look at it. It’s horrible.” And they couldn’t believe it. We are making stupid deals, and the world is taking advantage of us. It’s time we stop making bad deals like this, and start making good deals again.

  15. Stafford has been in the league around a decade while Dak has 1 season under his belt. Dak in one season has already advanced further in the play-offs than Stafford ever has. Tim Tebow has more Play Off wins then Stafford. Let that sink in.

  16. The Lions have a longer Play-off drought then the Browns. You don’t have to like it but it’s true. Browns 19 years , Lions 25 years and currently in 2nd place behind the Bengals at 26 years. #dropsMic

  17. Here comes the mob with pitchforks ready to mock the Lions and berate Stafford. As a Bears fan, I’d do to unforgivable things to have Stafford as my QB.

  18. What will Kirk Cousins do? I imagine he was waiting for Carr and Stafford to sign their own respective deals so he can figure out his place in the FA market.
    I could be wrong, but who knows………….

  19. I realize the Lions felt as if they had no choice but to make this move but the reality is Stafford doesn’t win games and only has nice stats based on volume. In his career has a losing record, can’t beat winning teams and has never won a playoff game.

  20. Not a Pat fan but I have to give Tom Brady credit for understanding the CAP and not sucking every dolor for himself to say “I’m the highest paid QB in the game”. What kind of leadership is that?

  21. This is a good deal for both the Lions and Stafford. The Lions get to keep their franchise quarterback and he gets to be the highest paid quarterback in the league. Now he just has to earn that pay check by dethroning the Packers and winning a few playoff games!

  22. This is great news. In a couple years it will look like an average contract. On the open market he would have gotten more, and it would have cost them more franchising him the next few years. Heck Kirk cousins will probably get at least a comparable deal and I would much rather have Stafford. No QB has done as much without a running game or a steady offensive line. Now they can contInue to build around him. Best possible outcome for the Lions here.

  23. Wow! So not worth it. I can understand why the Raiders overpaid Carr who is an above average QB since they haven’t had a QB since Rich Gannon. The Lions know what Stafford is and still overpaid him.

  24. Is that the guy who was playing against the Patriots this past week? Pretty sad if that’s all you get for $27M per year.

  25. They could have signed Kaepernick for a lot less, while at the same time appeasing the social justice warriors.

  26. B R U H , this madness has got to stop. GMs are banking to these huge jumps in cap every year, one day soon this will halt, and may, take a breath,,,, decrease maybe, as revenues take a hit…….stay tuned.

  27. …is this a Stafford article or a Brady/Rodgers whine-off?? Have fun comparing the numbers and all that stuff. You do what you have to do keep the heart of your team happy, and on your team. There’s not a younger QB in the game that I would want to replace #9.

  28. No player is worth that kind of money. What a waste of franchise. They’re not going to win anything after spending money on a single player like that.

  29. I’ll take Jameis Winston over Stafford any day. Check Staffords stats vs teams with above .500 records. It’s not good. Numbers are for fantasy FB, wins are all that matters. QB’s that haven’t won a thing shouldn’t be expected to become the highest paid players just because they play QB and they are due for a new deal. Gordon Gecko may disagree, but “greed is not good”.

  30. So much football stupid in these comments. Win’s in the playoffs are what determine a QB’s worth? Please just stop. Enjoy listening to Buck and Aikman and becoming dumber football fans.

    You put QB’s 10-32 in the league on this team and they never make the playoffs. That is how bad this roster is. If you were starting this team over from scratch, you maybe take 3 players. This team has faltered in the playoffs because its a bad TEAM. Not because of one player, granted the most important one. It’s the only one the lions got right. See reasons as to why Calvin quit.

  31. Man that’s a lot of money for a slightly above average QB. Calvin retired early because he was tired of being an average QB’s, and a below average team’s only viable target…

  32. And, guess what. This is a 5 year extension. In 2-3 years, the way things progress everyone will be talking about how “Stafford is playing on a bargain of a contract and should soon be looking to strike a new deal…”

  33. firerogergoodellnow says:
    August 29, 2017 at 9:26 am
    Playoff wins:
    Colin Kaepernick: 4
    Tim Tebow: 1
    Matthew Stafford: 0

    Andy Dalton: 0
    Derek Carr: 0
    Marcus Mariota: 0
    Jameis Winston: 0
    Ryan Tannehill: 0

    Teams are overpaying many QBs who have not found a way to win even a single postseason game. Sad really.

  34. packers291 says:
    August 29, 2017 at 9:30 am
    Why do you count the final year of the previous deal as part of the new deal?

    Because the ‘undervalued’ current year was a big part of what drove the deal. From the players standpoint the signing bonus money is getting paid now, making part of the new contract an increase in current year earnings. From the team’s standpoint it also allows for the current year to be part of the cap amortizing of the bonus.

  35. nhpats says:
    August 29, 2017 at 10:25 am
    firerogergoodellnow says:
    August 29, 2017 at 9:26 am
    Playoff wins:
    Colin Kaepernick: 4
    Tim Tebow: 1
    Matthew Stafford: 0

    Andy Dalton: 0
    Derek Carr: 0
    Marcus Mariota: 0
    Jameis Winston: 0
    Ryan Tannehill: 0

    Teams are overpaying many QBs who have not found a way to win even a single postseason game. Sad really.

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    And guess who did this? Ozzie Newsome.

    He didn’t have Flacco under contract going into 2012. He had his cap maxed out and then had Ray Lewis buy deer antler spray for the team.

    Years later, many teams were forced to overspend for slightly above average QBs, which has hurt ratings and put 75% of teams into cap hell or rebuilding, where they’re nowhere near being run well as an organization.

    I called it at the time and here we are.

    Throw in a crappier product than 10 years ago, Goodell’s cheating, etc, and expect ratings to continue to drop.

  36. Pretty good pay day for dude who is like 5-43 against teams with winning records and has never won a play-off game….jeeez

  37. Wow. Four out of the first fives posts from the same Viking troll pretender, all nonsensical drivel.

    Obsess much?

  38. I’m sure Staffords pitch to the Lions was, “I don’t have a playoff win, but it could be worse, I didn’t embarrass us with consecutive NFCCG laughers.”

  39. Stafford’s playoff record is really 0-2 vs. playoff teams and 0-1 vs. the Pete Morelli playoff crew in Dallas…the entire league has no wins against the officials…

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