Dak Prescott confident in offense, even if it’s without Ezekiel Elliott

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Dak Prescott tweeted his support to Ezekiel Elliott before the star running back entered his appeal hearing.

“We talked a little bit before he left,” Prescott said. “Just sent him good luck this morning, not exactly knowing what he’s going through, but [offered] my support and just a quick message to him and hope it helped.”

The Cowboys quarterback hopes to have his good friend with him in the backfield for the season opener. At the same time, Prescott insists the offense will move the ball just fine in the short term if Elliott isn’t there.

“I don’t think this offense is going to be much different,” Prescott said. “The way our team is built, it’s kind of the way we played last year, just in the physical offensive line that wears people down. We’ve got great receivers to go make plays in the passing game. As I said before, no matter who we put in at running back, I think both of those guys have been Pro Bowlers in their careers. It really doesn’t matter.”

Elliott, who the NFL suspended for six games, led the league in rushing last season. The Cowboys have two running backs behind him in Darren McFadden and Alfred Morris who have combined for five 1,000-yard seasons. Morris was a Pro Bowler in 2013 and 2014, but McFadden never has been an all-star.

14 responses to “Dak Prescott confident in offense, even if it’s without Ezekiel Elliott

  1. That’s nice to say Dak, but Elliott is one of the better RBs in the league and is only going to get better over the next several years. McFadden and Morris aren’t and won’t.

    Move the ball? yes. Move it as well and score on the ground from outside 25 yards? probably not.

  2. I’m not a Cowboys fan, but the rest of the NFL should be worried about the Cowboys for the next several years. This Dak kid is the real deal. I know it has only been one season, but he has that “it” factor, you can tell. While RGIII also had a great rookie season, he isn’t the person that Dak is. Dak is a hard worker and rarely ever talks about himself. He worked very hard this offseason like last season was bad for him. He is only going to get better which is scary.

    Their offensive line is mostly anchored down for the next several years. Their star RB is only going into his second season. Their receiving corps should be together for the next several years as well. Witten is aging, but it looks like they have something in Rico Gathers.

    The defense is the biggest problem spot, but it is getting younger and better. A few more moves and it could be really solid.

    I would hate to play this team to be honest.

  3. Both McFadden and Morris are not great at blitz pickups. Morris doesn’t catch the ball much out of the backfield. Although, both are good runners, but don’t think defenses will stack the box with 8 players to stop them. Dak will have more responsibility on his shoulders, but he should be able to handle it.

  4. Charmed season? Try harder troll. Dak is the real deal and the offensive line is phenomenal, Cowboys will be more than ok if (and I emphasis IF) Zeke is unavailable.

  5. Dak Prescott is just a young QB who barely knew anything about what he was doing last year, yet he looked like one of the top 2 or 3 QB’s in the league. It is a QB league, not a RB league. How many championships did the Lions win when Barry Sanders was the best back in the league? How many did Minnesota win with Adrian Peterson? On the other hand, when was the last time the Patriots had a really top notch RB? The Cowboys are going where Dak Prescott takes them, and it looks like they’re headed to the promised land.

  6. The offensive line is more important than Elliot. As long as you have that monster oline, the offense will be fine.

  7. @ redlikethepig

    “One charmed season and it’s the usual dynasty talk.”

    One classy QB speaks up, and it is the usual hater talk.

  8. Dak is anothe guy who hasn’t won a playoff game….yet Cowboys fans believe he is the “real deal”. Let’s wait and see if he can win a postseason game shall we?

  9. Is Dak for real? Maybe so – but going into last year their strength of opposition was ranked 27th, this year it’s ranked 10th. Going into last year opponents had virtually no tape/experience of Dak (or Zeke), this year they have plenty. Year 2 is thus often the telling year – and the much tougher schedule means these guys will need to get better just to get close to last year’s success let alone surpass it. Gonna be an interesting team to watch this season.

  10. People forgot McFadden had over 1k yards season before Elliot was drafted. Morris still got it. I am not worried as long as that Oline stays healthy. No RB is good without a healthy or good Oline unless your name is Barry Sanders

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