Jameis Winston to DeShone Kizer: Have patience

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It was one of the slower Hard Knocks of the season, with rookie linebacker Riley Bullough‘s uphill battle to make the team, Jameis Winston playing Pop-A-Shot against his girlfriend and the rookie talent show as featured segments. But Winston’s exchange with DeShone Kizer was worth the wait, coming near the end of Tuesday night’s episode.

Winston and Kizer met at midfield after the Browns’ 13-9 victory over the Bucs on Saturday night. Winston did all the talking.

“Hey, patience is the easiest way. All right? Take my word for it because I’m a risk-taker. Have patience. Who you got? You got coach [Hue] Jackson. So listen to him. Let him guide you. But patience is the easiest way. Taking that ball down, even though you got that cannon. Listen to me, because they ain’t going to tell you that. You’re spoiled You’re blessed. Do your thing,” Winston said.

Kizer offered his thanks.

Winston went 6-10 as a rookie in 2015, throwing 22 touchdowns and 15 interceptions with a 84.2 passer rating.

3 responses to “Jameis Winston to DeShone Kizer: Have patience

  1. Now if Winston would just start taking his own advice. Patience and calming the emotions. Winston gets really jacked up emotionally and that’s when the overthrows and turnovers happen. I love his fire but once he’s on the field I would like to see him more calm and calculated.

  2. “Patience is the easiest way…. I’m a risk taker.”


    Winston contradicted himself. If you’re a risk taker, then you’re probably not going to be patient. You’re going to throw caution to the wind and go for it.

    Winston doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He should get out of the unsolicited advice business.

  3. Pretty sure he said ”Checking that ball down,” not taking. An interesting interaction nonetheless. Kizer will indeed have to learn when not to rely solely on his strong arm.

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