Joe Flacco resumes throwing

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Ravens coach John Harbaugh guaranteed that quarterback Joe Flacco would be ready to go in time for the season opener on September 10 and the quarterback has taken a step toward fulfilling that promise.

Harbaugh said Tuesday that Flacco has resumed throwing after an extended layoff due to a back issue that cropped up earlier this summer. Flacco initially said he hoped to be out of action for a week, but he has not practiced or played in any preseason games while waiting for the go-ahead to resume work.

Flacco is not practicing with the team yet, but that should be the next step in getting ready for the Week One game against the Bengals.

Ryan Mallett has filled in for Flacco as the starter during training camp and the preseason. His performances did little to create confidence about the Ravens’ chances should Flacco miss time in the regular season, so Harbaugh’s announcement will likely be greeted with sighs of relief in Baltimore.

12 responses to “Joe Flacco resumes throwing

  1. So in other words he’s on plan like they’ve said all along? Gotcha. At least this non story got you all those clicks especially during the week and a half Kaepernick talk. How dumb do yall look now smh

  2. Popcorn ready, hah!

    I am curious to see what happens to Flacco next. With these things, I’m not sure if it is as simple as the Ravens are making it out to be. And this is likely something that could bother Flacco again this year.

    I recall a more than a few years ago that Peyton Manning had a minor neck issue and might miss a game or some time at the start of the season. Then….he was put on injured reserve to miss the whole season (no player to be designated to return back then). Around the same time his wife needed massive doses of Growth Hormone for completely normal reasons.

    Given the Ravens have had tons of injuries, I don’t know how they will do this year. But if Flacco does miss time, I hope they enjoy Mallet. He wasn’t very good with the Texans AND was a drama queen by missing meetings, late to practices and then LATE to a team flight! He is clearly the rock of stability in time of trouble.

  3. 5-6wks after slipping a disc I could stand and throw a ball, poorly of course. The problem is running and bending (and of course lifting would be a no-no). Could be back to training soon but more and more looking like BS-propaganda to cover the fact he’s clearly on a slipped-disc recovery timeline. Could take another 2-3 weeks if he’s lucky, could be longer, could bug him all year.

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