Mitch Trubisky to start Bears’ fourth preseason game

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Despite a preseason that made some of us wonder whether Bears rookie quarterback Mitch Trubisky should be the starter, Mike Glennon is the No. 1 quarterback. Which means Thursday night may be the last time Trubisky plays for a while.

Bears coach John Fox confirmed today that Trubisky will be the starter for Thursday night’s preseason finale. Neither Glennon nor veteran backup Mark Sanchez will play, so Trubisky will get the bulk of the action and Connor Shaw will play some as well.

The question for the Bears, however, is how long it will be before Trubisky leapfrogs both Sanchez and Glennon. The Bears didn’t trade up to draft Trubisky so he could sit on the bench, so it would seem likely that he’ll start at some point in his rookie year. But that may come only when (or if — probably when) Glennon falters.

Bears fans can enjoy Trubisky on Thursday night, but it’s too soon to say when they can see him on the field in the regular season.

12 responses to “Mitch Trubisky to start Bears’ fourth preseason game

  1. Curious to see if Shaw can put pressure on Sanchez or if his days are numbered. Makes me wonder if the Bears will value young talent (possible trade talent) or if they prefer having a veteran to guide Trubisky.

  2. I think Shaw will be the odd man out. We can make a lot of jokes about Mark Sanchez but he’s always been a great teammate and leader in the locker room. I’d like to be optimistic about my Bears but it could be a long season. They’re gonna need guys in the locker room keeping morale up.

  3. Dare I say that Browns defense is no cake walk. They have been playing very well. We’ll see what kind of QB he is on Thursday night. It should be an exciting game for a few quarters…

  4. After having 5 starters leave the game against Tenn — including two with season-ending injuries — I’d really rather that Mitch sit and not get hurt. Especially if a crew of future warehouse workers is going to be his OL.

  5. “The Bears didn’t trade up to draft Trubisky so he could sit on the bench, so it would seem likely that he’ll start at some point in his rookie year.”

    Actually, they specifically did. They drafted a QB with all of the tools and measureables. The only knock, (go and look it up) has been Mitchell’s lack of game playing experience. A 13 game starter at UNC. They signed their placeholder, and drafted their future, and from the beginning have made it clear Mitch would red shirt. They brought in Mark Sanchez as the back up to even guide and influence Trubisky in his first season. Everything the Bears have done from Day 1 of the offseason has been to draft a QB and let him sit the bench. You yourself have probably written articles lambasting them for it. So I don’t understand the aforementioned statement.

    Ryan Pace is a smart dude….for those who don’t see what he’s building, what exactly are you watching? This team will surprise some people this year, and they appear to be finally headed in the right direction. (Now if we can just get those injuries under control!)

  6. You’ve got the number two pick in the draft who’s played well in the preseason. Trubisky is the future of your franchise. Why would you start him this wekk and subject him to potential injury behind a second-rate O-line? That’s just dumb. Come on, Fox–let Connor Shaw play and keep Trubisky on the bench. You’re not going to gain anything by playing your future franchise QB in a meaningless exhibition game, but you sure could lose something.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if Sanchez will get cut. Otherwise, why not let him get the reps in with the ones? He’s barely played at all this preseason.

  8. As impressed as I’ve been with Trubisky, he needs all the experience he can get running the Chicago Bears offense. After this game, the next game he plays in will probably be a real game. He could get injured but I think that’s a risk worth taking. He’s shown good survival instincts so far.

  9. Trubisky needs to learn more plays. The handful of plays Trubisky knows would have any def. coordinator salivating. I want Trubisky running scout team in practice and drawing plays on the white board for 12 weeks until he’s muttering plays in his sleep and at the drive thru window. He’s ready to start when he can walk to the line and counter any defense he sees. This is chess; not checkers.

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