Rams hire Eric Dickerson as vice president of business development

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The Rams have welcomed Eric Dickerson back into the fold. Nine months after the Hall of Famer’s spat with former Rams coach Jeff Fisher, General Manager Les Snead announced the team has hired Dickerson as vice president of business development.

“Really with the main goal of doing what he did for me a long time ago,” Snead said in video released by the team. “Bridging fans to our organization and then not only making them fans of the Rams, but making a difference in their life.”

Dickerson, who signed a one-day deal with the team Tuesday to retire a Ram, will host sponsors and VIP guests and work in the community as the Rams try to build a presence in the city they returned to a year ago after 21 seasons in St. Louis.

“It’s a really good feeling — it really is — to be back with the Rams in an executive position,” Dickerson said. “For me, my thing is I’m all about the fans.”

17 responses to “Rams hire Eric Dickerson as vice president of business development

  1. Translation:

    VP of Business development= Just shut up, show your face, quit making public comments, and we will pay you…….even though we cant stand you, or want you around.

  2. Dickerson is the sheer definition of a superstar player who managed to alienate everyone everywhere he ever played. A great player and an even greater malcontent. I’m a lifelong Rams fan (and Dickerson fan) but I cannot imagine what sort of position he could ever occupy with the Rams. Seriously, who will he be, the Chief Executive Whiner? I didn’t like Jeff Fisher and was glad the Rams terminated him, but the one move from Fisher that was correct was denying Dickerson’s absurd request for pregame sideline passes AFTER Dickerson had lambasted Fisher and the Rams in multiple interviews.
    #29 is a star and an as—– all in one. Too bad, really. The only time I ever felt bad for him was the ridiculous season he tried to be MNF’s sideline reporter. It was so sad it was actually painful. Now, apparently, FOX is gonna give him another try as an announcer. I’ll listen to him…and wince.

  3. And this is why people do not take the press serious. First you criticize them and then you join them. Such a hypocrite. You really think things have changed since Fisher left? When the same people who hired him are still there.

  4. busi·ness de·vel·op·ment
    the activity of pursuing strategic opportunities for a particular business or organization, for example by cultivating partnerships or other commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for its products or services

  5. I know this is basically some kind of symbolic job, but isn’t it a conflict of interest for him to be on a team’s payroll and also working the sidelines for a network like he got hired to do a couple of weeks back?

  6. What’s with all the ED hate? His radio show during the season with Fred Roggin is informative and entertaining. He goes out and meets the people. ED is a great guy.

  7. Ah yes. The “Jim Brown” special. Here’s a pile of money. Stop saying bad things about our team, and smile for the cameras.

    Who can blame either side for this deal? It’s win-win… until Eric demands a raise, at least…

  8. Hush money, but that’s all Dickerson wanted anyway from the outset. His opinions mean no more than any other former player who last played over 20 years ago, on the current state of the Rams or any team. That and to roam the sidelines and glad hand celebs and sponsors.

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