Report: Browns trying to trade Cameron Erving

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Cornerback Joe Haden isn’t the only member of the Browns that the team would reportedly like to unload as teams set their initial rosters for the 2017 season.

Mary Kay Cabot of reports that the team is also shopping offensive lineman Cameron Erving.

Erving was a first-round pick in 2015 and has moved between positions during his time in Cleveland. He started at center for most of last season, has seen time at guard and was in the mix for the right tackle job this summer. It looks like the Browns have settled on Shon Coleman for that spot, however, and it appears the Browns are done shifting Erving around in hopes of finding a lasting home on their line.

Erving is set to make just under $1.3 million this year and is signed for just over $1.7 million next year on a rookie deal that also includes a team option for the 2019 season.

24 responses to “Report: Browns trying to trade Cameron Erving

  1. Reminds me of when Doug Pederson took over the Eagles and started trading a lot of people from the Kelly era. Not necessarily as quick or within the same context, but it’ll be interesting to see if remaking the team entirely by Hue’s blueprint will prove even remotely successful.

  2. I don’t think any team would be stupid enough to trade for that total BUST . I still want to punch Farmer for blowing that first round on Manziel & turnstile Erving …YUK!

  3. objectivefootballfan says:
    August 29, 2017 at 11:38 am
    Browns trying to load back up on draft picks!!


    My belief is they are trying to unload less than unproductive players. The draft picks you get in return is just the bonus and is a solid strategy for building for the long term. I don’t think this is a draft pick play like the BO trade.

  4. hound32
    Erving wasn’t in the manziel draft class. Erving was drafted the next year with Danny Shelton. The bust drafted with manziel was Justin Gilbert.

  5. FraggleJones says:
    August 29, 2017 at 12:00 pm
    Erving wasn’t in the manziel draft class. Erving was drafted the next year with Danny Shelton. The bust drafted with manziel was Justin Gilbert.

    My bad . Farmer drafted so many busts I got confused .

  6. Joe Haden’s been stealing since he signed his big contract,cant run anymore and stays hurt too much. Cam is young and may develop if gets to a place with an established coach and stability instead of a different coach every 6 months…

  7. Draft picks? You bet, but in the inverse way ala Osweiler. The Browns would have to give at least a 2nd rounder for a team to take on Haden’s contract but even with that there’d be no takers. The guy is done, He can’t run fast enough to play corner and he’s too fragile to move to safety. As for Cam Erving I think they’ll just have to cut him.

  8. They’re value trading, plain and simple. The guys up top in this franchise finally have a clue. The timing stinks as everyone is getting set for cuts but both these guys represent potential value for others and none for the Browns. We actually Not bereft of talent at both positions now. Erving should be able to net a 5th or 6th. Cheap contract, versatile, experienced even if deeply mediocre. Change of scenery might revitalize him. I have no idea about Haden.. entirely market dependent. .

  9. If the title of this article was “Browns trying to trade 2 banana peels found in the garbage, it wouldn’t be any more shocking. I’ve never seen one single player fail at so many different positions on the football field. Center, LT, RG, RT – Pretty much the entire offensive line.

  10. objectivefootballfan says:

    Browns trying to load back up on draft picks!!


    Yeah and everyone team knows it so why trade? They will cut him when no one wants to trade,just like Hayden, and teams can have him for the minimum.

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