Report: Matthew Stafford deal has $50 million signing bonus, $92 million guaranteed

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More details are emerging regarding Matthew Stafford‘s new contract with the Detroit Lions.

According to Adam Schefter of, Stafford’s deal will pay him a $50 million signing bonus with a total of $92 million in guaranteed money.

By comparison, Andrew Luck‘s contract signed in June, 2016 brought a $32 million signing bonus with an initial $87 million reported guaranteed at signing. Ultimately, Luck was fully guaranteed just $44 million at signing.

A signing bonus, however, is fully guaranteed, so Stafford will top Luck’s deal on that aspect alone.

A more thorough parsing of the details is required to get a full scope of Stafford’s new contract. That can be expected to happen once the contract gets filed with the league and the NFLPA. The average annual value of Stafford’s five new years is $27 million, which is the largest in league history surpassing the deal Derek Carr inked with the Oakland Raiders last month.

16 responses to “Report: Matthew Stafford deal has $50 million signing bonus, $92 million guaranteed

  1. Here come the same idiots who said the Raiders overpaid for Derek Carr.

    Guess what, QB’s like these two are extremely hard to find, driving the market up.

  2. I am literally laughing my a$$ off!!! Too funny for twitter letters. I had to write this one out. The Lions just signed their own death certificate of ever even sniffing the Super Bowl!!!!!!! There is such thing as a salary cap and with the level of surrounding talent that is needed (required) to make it to the SB, they no longer have a chance. If they don’t do it this year, they are TOAST!!!!!!! They will always be at least 3 supermen short that is required to make it to the SB. Bill Bellichick is going to have a celebratory dinner tonight because he has long figured out how to outsmart these not so smart teams who lose by overpaying their QB just because that is “what they think the market requires”.

    I am going to go on record to say that even as good as Matthew Stafford has been for their team, he is now going to be the piece that keeps them away from the SB!!! They would have been better off letting another team pay him and use that extra savings to build their defense and draft some great offensive linemen and add some top playmakers, and draft some Dak Prescott like QB’s where you only pay $600K a year for a few years!!!!

    If I am not mistaken, they have not even won a single playoff game paying him his old lower salary amount so how in the xxxx do they think they are going to win a SB with that crazy contract? Just watch the successful players they are going to have to let walk who are going to want salary raises next year. No SB for the Lions. Signed, sealed, and most probably delivered.

  3. It is what the market will bear. But signing your QB to these mega contracts makes it difficult to fill other positions (and quality depth at those other positions). Two ways to solve this – convince your QB to sign a below market deal because their supermodel wife makes triple what he makes anyway, or draft a QB and hope you make it before his rookie deal is up.

  4. I guess they couldn’t manage 5-27 against winning teams without him. No one should be against great players getting paid, but this guy isn’t even in the zip code. All of the arguments ironically I heard of why Russell Wilson wasn’t worth it and was being greedy apply here. Derek Carr and Andrew Luck are a tad bit better against that competition and haven’t even been in the league half the years, and please about Detroit’s team being so bad like he’s been on the 0-16 squad all 9 years. If you’re paying a QB that much, he’d better erase the flaws on it.

  5. What goes through a man’s mind at the moment he signs a piece of paper guaranteeing him that kind of money? Are you able to even keep your hand steady enough to sign your signature?

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