Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert “could be a starter”

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Well, it is Happy Hour on the East Coast.

Cardinals coach Bruce Arians, who has never hidden his fondness for a good cocktail, may have been hitting it a little early Wednesday considering the difference in time zones.

Via Kyle Odegard of the team’s official website, Arians was singing the praises of third-string quarterback Blaine Gabbert, saying he looks like a guy who could start in the league again.

No, really.

“I’ve been very pleased,” Arians said. “Short-term, I’d be very comfortable if he had to play for us. Long-term, if he continues at this rate, he could be a starter.”

The Jaguars and 49ers have tried that with the former No. 10 overall pick, and he has a 9-31 record as a starter. And even if you believe that team record is not an accurate indicator of a quarterback’s ability, there’s also his 71.5 career passer rating, his 56.0 completion percentage and his 6.0 yards per pass attempt.

Gabbert is obviously in a much more stable situation now than he’s been in his career, and Arians has the reputation as a quarterback whisperer.

So far this preseason, Gabbert’s averaging an adult 8.7 yards per pass attempt, and is 36-of-57 passing for 496 yards, with a touchdown and an interception (which the team’s own website blames on one of their own wide receivers).

The Cardinals will need a long-term answer at the position, as Carson Palmer has been talking about retirement and backup Drew Stanton‘s in the last year of his deal. But if Arians is serious, and can speak this reclamation project into being, then his football wisdom is stronger than whatever’s in his glass right now.

21 responses to “Bruce Arians: Blaine Gabbert “could be a starter”

  1. Wow, a little harsh in this one… If you actually watched any of Gabbert’s play in the preseason this year, he actually did look decent now that he’s got a better supporting cast.

    Also, if you actually look at what he said:

    “…Long-term, if he continues at this rate, he could be a starter.”

    If he continues at this rate. That means, he might have what it takes if he continues to grow as he did this pre-season. Not now. But maybe in the future if he continues to work hard at it.

    Really not that crazy of a comment…

  2. Yeah, wth does Bruce Arians know about quarterbacks? It’s not like anyone is going to pay him to write a book on the subject or anything like that. Better to get your impressions hot off the internet key punchers.

  3. Gabbert did look good in the preseason. His passes were on target and had the right amount of pace. Obviously the preseason doesn’t carry the same competitive weight as regular games. Hopefully he can recover from the lack of consistency he experienced in JAX and SF and reclaim his career. He’s a good mobile QB with enough experience to take a team with a good defense to a positive record. I figure he’s like an Alex Smith type player–with the right coach and the right system, he’ll be successful, but eventually the GM and HC will draft a younger, stronger, faster guy to replace him.

  4. Blaine Gabbert absolutely looks like a guy who could start in the NFL. Jeff George looked like a guy who could start in the NFL. That’s why they hang around so long. The question is, can Blaine Gabbert win in the NFL? I certainly have more to say when I’ve had a couple beers, so I can’t blame coach Arians if he likes to have a couple pops and say silly things.

  5. Gabbert also ran well in the preseason, adding another nice TD. He looked like a Carson Palmer who can also run, in fact. Now let’s see if he can continue developing in a playbook that took Palmer half a season to get down.

    He did play on two historically bad teams, with a new OC and new offensive playbook every single year.

  6. Michael Bidwill was talking up Gabbert on his London jaunt back before training camp, so this isn’t anything new with the organization. Harold Goodwin was beaming about Gabbert even prior to that. Steve Keim recently said that Blaine would be competing for the starter job with other teams in the league. Carson Palmer, who worked with Gabbert in previous off season training sessions says his talent and arm strength are “as good as it gets”.

  7. Arians knows how to coach QB’s and can maximize talents. Gabbert has played on a lot of bad teams, perhaps he gets it together with stronger supporting talent and good coaching.

  8. Gabbert is horrible. It was painful to watch him play last year. He was worse than Kaepernick and his play was so awful he was benched after a few games. He hears footsteps and gets jittery in the pocket. He would consistently check down and throw the ball short on 3rd down plays killing drives. His accuracy beyond 15 yards is atrocious. Better hope Gabbert is never forced into duty as the starting QB because your season is doomed.

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