Source: Tiger-Cats remain very interested in Johnny Manziel

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The TSN report regarding the CFL’s Hamilton Tiger-Cats and quarterback Johnny Manziel is partially right, and its’ partially dead wrong.

Yes, the Tiger-Cats have given Manziel a workout. But, no, they haven’t decided that he’s not ready to resume his football career, due to “too many red flags” or otherwise.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the Tiger-Cats remain extremely interested in Manziel, and the team could still sign him. There’s much more to the story, which may or may not come out. For now, the fact is that the Tiger-Cats have a very positive attitude toward Manziel, and new coach June Jones and others in the organization feel very strongly about signing him to a contract.

That may happen in the next week or so. It may not. Either way, more details about what’s been happening behind the scenes between the Tiger-Cats and Manziel could emerge in the coming days.

The bottom line for now is this: The arrival of June Jones and the since-scuttled decision to hire Art Briles weren’t coincidental.

17 responses to “Source: Tiger-Cats remain very interested in Johnny Manziel

  1. “That may happen in the next week or so. It may not.”

    Isn’t this the same thing with virtually every event possible? The earth may blow up next week. It may not. A giant lizard may devour Kansas City. It may not.

    Reporting at its finest.

  2. Why don’t the Kaep protesters go north and protest that the CFL teams don’t want to hire him either? Oh yeah, it’s because the media they love are in NY…

  3. LOL at least Kap was a good quarterback once. It’s hard for me to even call Manziel a bust because he never looked like a good player to begin with – dude was all hype in college that made some big plays against young collegiate talent. BFD. In 3 weeks we will be reading about Johnny Fartballs’ failure at the CFL level as well.

  4. All jokes aside, a player of Manziel’s makeup could easily flourish in Canada.
    As a native of Toronto, I’ve seen more CFL games than most posters on here. I would say this has the makings of Johnny rebounding and piulling off a comeback someday in the NFL. But all of this rides on a guy that’s never really had to work for anything in his life. The odds don’t look great.

  5. As much as I hate to say it-Johnny 8 ball has pretty much stayed out of the news for the last 18 months. More power to him.

    This has the look of a low risk potentially high reward move for a CFL team. The game there is much more tailored to Manziels few strengths than the NFL is anyway.

  6. First Hamilton signs June Jones, and now they want Manziel. June Jones is obviously a man of high integrity, wanting to bring his sewer-rat friend (that’d be Briles) along as an assistant coach. Next, Hamilton wants to sign a narcissistic, addictive, spoiled-rotten, entitled, walking & partying example of how not to be a professional anything (that’d be Manziel). Makes ya wonder if Hamilton’s current 0-8 record has anything to do with their integrity level!

    Kudos to the CFL FOR SAYING “no” to Briles. Maybe they’ll exercise the same judgement on JM. Oh wouldn’t that be loverly!

  7. For those who do not know, the Tiger-Cats are 0-8 and are the laughingstock of the CFL, in fact they are the Jets of the CFL. .

  8. Hey I hope it works out and JM has his life back on track. Odds are stacked against him but it would be an inspiring story for others if he can keep it together. I hold no ill will toward him and hope he is ready to make a go of it. Too much partying is one thing, but overcoming addiction can be almost impossible for some.

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