Terrell Owens: It’s a “joke” I’m not on the field

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Terrell Owens always was in the best of shape. He has that much right. But to think he could still play in the NFL?

Owens thinks he could. Or at least that’s what he says.

“Me not being on the field right now is a joke,” Owens said on Fox Sports Radio with Eric Dickerson. “I don’t care what people say. Even though I’m 43, trust me, I’m not your average 43-year-old.”

Owens, who turns 44 in December, hasn’t played in a game since Dec. 19, 2010. Jerry Rice was 42 when he played his last game on Jan. 2, 2005, the oldest receiver to play an NFL game.

“Even when I was 35, 36, 37 they said I was too old, but I was still ballin’ out with the 20-year-olds. I can go out right now and give you a 4.4 [in the 40],” said Owens, who ran a hand-held 4.63 at the 1996 combine.

Owens, a six-time Pro Bowlers and one of the most productive receivers in NFL history, has been a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame the past two years but has yet to advance to the reduction to 10.

44 responses to “Terrell Owens: It’s a “joke” I’m not on the field

  1. This may be my favorite line PFT has ever written:

    “I can go out right now and give you a 4.4 [in the 40],” said Owens, who ran a hand-held 4.63 at the 1996 combine.

  2. What Owens fails to mention is that he does not catch the ball very well. He didn’t his last 5 yrs in the NFL. I thought he was a liability to the team.

  3. Sometimes I miss him in Dallas. Then I’ll remember all his mind numbing, drive killing drops.

  4. the league is full of mediocre pro-receivers. this guy has never been subject to criminal discipline and he’s produced. no reason why he doesn’t get a tryout at least.

  5. Seattle gave him a tryout a couple years ago and cut him.. What makes him think 3-4 years later he is as good as then? It’s called being in denial TO. You can’t play anymore. It’s over…

  6. He is still the 3rd best WE on every team..then three Herchel Walker at RB and maybe get Mega tron on the same team and bring back the ” over the hill gang”.. Bet they beat more teams then they lose to.

  7. Sounds like someone is missing those game checks. Other than a kicker or QB, why on earth would you even want to play that long????

    History has shown us that every player that laces up those cleats is an injury, sometimes fatal, waiting to happen.

  8. Him being in shape isn’t the question, because I’m completely sure he is. Can his body last through the punishment of 16 games, is the question. As I’m 100% sure that he & chad could still play as guys that get subbed in.

  9. The real shame here is that Terrell Owens COULD have played at least 3-4 more years. He played his last season at 37 and caught 983 yards and 9 touchdowns with the Bengals of all teams. At the very least, he could have squeaked out a few 500-yard seasons to get him past 40.

    Unfortunately he had worn out his welcome in the NFL and he ran out of people who would work with him. Not at all unlike Colin Kaepernick. General Managers cumulatively decided that the production he was capable of was no longer worthy of their time. They didn’t want 750-yard Terrell Owens. If he wasn’t going to catch 1,300 yards and 12 touchdowns, they weren’t going to risk it.

  10. He was always me, me, me. Teams tolerated his bad attitude when he was producing. When he was not producing, out the door he went. The NFL teams did not give up on him because of his attitude, but because he was over the hill.

  11. This guy is worse than my old high school friends who always talk about glory days “if coach gave the me ball 30 times a game I would have had 1,500 yards my senior year”

  12. Well TO, you got the joke part right LOL Yes you were good and still in shape, but not convinced you could hang, and even if you could everyone remembers TO. Exactly why you haven’t worked in so many years.

  13. TO is right in at least one of his beliefs. The NFL is full of itself and LIVES BY GENERAL STATEMENTS about athletes. They did the same thing to Jerry Rice. In fact when Indy moved on from Peyton Manning it was based on his age primarily. And yet Peyton got a Super Bowl and they have zero since he left. There is a lot of truth to what T.O. is saying. Instead of judging each player from their production and big playmaking ability instead of age, they would be a whole lot better and more grounded. Instead they operate like they are crazy nuts subjecting their players to torture of being cut. COMPLETELY UNLIKE COLLEGE WHERE FRANCHISES ENDURE AT A HIGH LEVEL ON A CONSISTENT BASIS. They operate out of fear and quick decisions and thats why most organizations are a hot ass mess. Always hoping and rarely producing. Look at how stupidly they treat their running backs! To think that a 30 year old is done is just stupid. Thats why they are always rebuilding or just being average.

  14. Maybe he would still be playing if he could have kept his mouth shut. He has an extremely over-inflated opinion of himself. When the Bengals don’t even want you anymore, you should realize you’re a problem child.

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