Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck’s going to “have a very, very long” career


The last time Colts owner Jim Irsay updated us on the status of quarterback Andrew Luck‘s surgically repaired right shoulder, he gave us “I have, and I haven’t,” when asked if he had seen him throw.

The latest comments are every bit as specific and encouraging.

Via Zak Keefer of the Indianapolis Star, Irsay refused to say anything specific about Luck’s potential availability for the opener or any other week, but said Luck’s rehab was “coming along well” and that he’ll “be back and have a very, very long and great career with us.”

And while the early optimism that Luck would be ready for the season has faded of late, Irsay insisted there were no surprises in the process.

“We’re not shying away from the fact we knew it was time for Andrew to have that shoulder procedure,” Irsay said. “But nothing has surprised us [with the recovery]. He’s coming along well, like we expect him to.”

Of course, no one expects that comeback to begin next week, since he’s still on the physically unable to perform list and no one will admit to seeing him throw. That leaves Scott Tolzien as the likely starter against the Rams in the opener.

24 responses to “Jim Irsay: Andrew Luck’s going to “have a very, very long” career

  1. Oh man! That’s like the kiss of death. Didn’t he also guarantee that Luck would be ready for the first game of the season??

  2. .
    ” That leaves Scott Tolzien as the likely starter against the Rams in the opener.”

    Plenty of good seats still available

  3. Of course he is going to have a long career. He plays 2 games a year. At this rate he could still be playing in 2028.

  4. He means Luck will be out of the league by the end of this season, but it will have felt like a decade…

  5. If ‘nothing has surprised us’ with the timetable, then they had to be considering the possibility of multiple games without Luck all offseason. And if so, there’s no excuse for having such a lousy backup QB situation. Tolzien’s stats, tape, and record scream that he is not even backup caliber. The AFC South was decided by 1 game each of the last 2 years. This was botched – there’s no way around it.

  6. “We’re not shying away from the fact we knew it was time for Andrew to have that shoulder procedure,”

    Except, you know, on the injury reports and stuff…

    On a serious note, what the the odds this poor kids career is just about over??? I’d put it at about even money….Someday people are gonna look back at the Luck era and wonder what might’ve been if the most incompetent organization in nfl history hadn’t been allowed to tank an entire season and utterly derail any chance this kid might’ve had…

  7. Technically Jim Brown still has a career with the Cleveland Browns so that isn’t saying much since he hasn’t played in a game since 1965.

    Ambassador or QB coach because his career ended early due to frequent injuries thanks to no protection I wouldn’t call successful and much of that is on Irsay.

  8. I like Andrew Luck as an individual, I am also convinced that injury or not he was overhyped when drafted, throws lots of interceptions and tries to take on the deficits of that team on talent that cannot carry it. He isn’t Peyton Manning, who had to do the same thing but could cover up for it with his talent.

  9. Not with that offensive line protecting him. Irsay must be drinking whisky on the rocks saying this comment.

  10. Indy is in BIG trouble. People talk about the Packers and TT as if they’re just a 1 man team. It’s not true. But that IS close to true about the Colts. Luck (and maybe T Whyyyyy) is seriously their only above average player.

  11. I hope Chris Ballard listed “Miracle Worker” as one of his Skills on his resume.
    Otherwise, it could be a long season in Indy.

  12. Luck reminds me of Jim Plunkett. Number one draft pick out of Stanford who got destroyed because the Patriots O line was a joke. He gets dumped after a few years and resurfaces as a championship winning QB with the Raiders.

    He will end up with a good organization in a year or two and have his opportunity to shine.

  13. Grigson ruined Luck.
    First, he let Arians out the Door, then, he put a horrible O-Line in front of him.
    It is too bad that they destroyed this guy, he could have been an all-time great QB.

    Hopefully he can make it back in some capacity and be close to what he was.

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