Le’Veon Bell updates his rap-based contract demands

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Last year, Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell made waves with a rap that seemed to suggest he wants $15 million per year. He later claimed he didn’t, and then once the Steelers offered him $12 million per year it became clear that he does.

And now Bell is rapping again, sort of. With updated demands.

“AB, yeah, I see ya’ll cuz,” Bell said in a video posted on social media, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “Big dog, I got pups bigger than Air Bud. Are you aware, Bud, why I’m not at practice? I’mma need 17, cuz 26 is savage. They say the franchise should be enough. Pockets of Professor Clump. Let me get back to my day, I can’t keep showing Buddy love.”

It was AB (more commonly known as Antonio Brown) who became the first member of the Steelers organization to pressure Bell to report for training camp, likely as a result of exuberance and not as part of a deliberate effort to get between Bell and his money.

The timing of Bell’s response to AB is curious. On Friday, he’ll show up and sign a one-year, $12.1 million franchise tender. Unless, that is, owner Art Rooney II rolls out of bed today or tomorrow and decides to rescind it. Maybe Bell’s rap represents one final dare to the Steelers to do that.

It also may be the latest dare to tag him again in 2018, given that he’s made it clear what he wants — and that he’s made it clear that, if tagged, he won’t show up until the day before the rosters are cut from 90 to 53.

Either way, Bell’s price is going up. Which makes it less likely that he’ll be with the Steelers over the long haul.

107 responses to “Le’Veon Bell updates his rap-based contract demands

  1. Bell will get paid on the open market if he ever makes it there. Considering his negotiating tactics this off-season, Pittsburgh may let him get there sooner rather than later. When on the field, he is worth the big payday. However, he has missed over 25% of the games he has been eligible to play in throughout his four years. History suggests that number gets larger, not smaller as a running back approaches 30. He has some years left, but signing him to big money is a big risk for a tea, that rarely takes risks on players with questionable character.

  2. It’s an inside joke between friends having fun messing with the media..knowing they are going to bite the bait and make a situation out of nothing… Like this article…. Stop trying so hard to taint people’s images

  3. I am a life-long Steeler fan. I do think Bell is possible the best all-around RB in the game today. But if Bell thinks he should get $17M per year, he is totally nuts. No one, and I mean no one, will pay him that much over a long term contract. It is more than double the current market value. Clearly, he is not worth that much to the Steelers at least. He has not even played a full season yet. The pressure and risk is all on him to have a monster season while not missing time for any reason. I for one am getting tired of his “me” attitude, since that is exactly how he is acting. It’s not like the Steelers didn’t offer him a reasonable contract to stay. Maybe he should call JayZ and begin a rap career if he thinks he is worth that much money.

  4. I’m typically on the side of the player on these franchise tag holdouts. But when a team offers you 133% of the next highest paid player at your position and you say no and demand more than 150%… I kinda hope Rooney rolls out of bed Friday morning and decides to Rescind the tag at the very last minute. This guy sounds like he will find every reason this season to sit out.

  5. It also makes it less likely that he will not be on any team until he lowers his demands. He is a good back but he has multiple suspensions and injuries on his record. After that, he isn’t 2x as good as the next best back.

  6. As great as Bell has been, no RB is worth that. The Steelers have already made him the highest paid RB in the league. After this year, he needs to be allowed to test the FA market and hopefully no owner is stupid enough to give him 17 mill/yr

  7. Okay. I officially dislike him now as much as Elliot in Dallas… A couple of idiots…

  8. Everybody knows there’s no better way to the appeal to the old white men who run that franchise than thru rap.

  9. Gets hurt a lot. Can’t rely on him. Running backs are not that important. I’m all for players getting what they can. But he’s a running back.

  10. once he comes back and the Steelers are winning the talking heads and the fanbase will love him again and this will all be a distant memory. he is the best in the game and is a true workhorse. he needs to be paid like one.

  11. Franchise him next year. If you think he has enough for the year following then franchise him again. Then let him walk and he will lose out on that long term contract money. 17$???? That is insane.

  12. Well this year he’ll play football for 12.1 million and hopefully that keeps him fed and his bills paid. Pretty sure that’s more than he’s ever gonna make as a rapper.

    As far as I’m concerned he’s year to year from now on. If he wants to play the greed game every year, he needs to prove himself healthy, legal, in the locker room & on the field every year. I’d love to see James Conner and Terrell Watson make him expendable next year though.

    Go Steelers!

  13. “…he won’t show up until the day before the rosters are cut from 90 to 53…”


    What a coincidence. My estimation of Le’Veon Bell’s I.Q. just went from 90 to 53 as well.

  14. You old suckers out there like me will remember (Big) Ben Gazzarra in RUN FOR YOUR LIFE….or the younger of ya’ BREAKING BAD.

    The out of norm trade for a new tight end in Vance McDonald (he’ll hopefully provide the vertical option that Ladarius Green was supposed to do and the signing of Joe Haden so late mean the Steelers likely know they have Ben and Bell for a max two years together and then the window shuts with a thud.

    James Conner has looked great and can, run, catch and block. Probably never be Bell but as the old sheriff told the younger sheriff in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN when asked how the crippled old fellow was doing, ‘YOU’RE LOOKING AT IT!”

  15. This rap sounds like the Will Farrell – John C. Reilly “Prestige Worldwide” rap in “Step Brothers”, as they sail Mr. Rooney’s yacht into the rocks.

  16. Le’Veon Bell has apparently decided it means more to him to be a rap idiot than a football player. Release him, and go with Connor, Watson, and Davis.

  17. This guy is tone deaf (pun intended). The game has changed so much even just over the past decade, and the days of RBs getting paid like they’re the centerpiece of the offense are gone.

  18. never pay a rb all that $$. You can shake a tree and find a rb to get you a 1000 yards

  19. Very similar to the end of Peterson’s run with the Vikings. Never on the field yet paying north of $10M. A team can buy a RB and OL and not sink it all inot one guy. Peterson was nothing when the OL when to pot.

  20. Gee, however did I miss that bit of incredible cultural education? A rap about wanting more money? I’m overwhelmed.

  21. I got my plan, it’s oh so wicked; I’m giving up muh season tickets.
    – my own rap

  22. I see you cuz. Get yo loot bell. Because in 10 years, yo brain is gonna swell. Don’t hate me cuz you ain’t me. One bad turn and there goes my knee. There goes my money. And all you fans will all forget about me. So don’t sweat me.

    Mic drop.

  23. Keep rapping Bell. You are just going to get tagged again next year then released in FA after two more years and 600+ touches added to your body. You will be begging for the old deal the Steelers already offered.

  24. Bell is a moron. If I were the Steelers I’d send him a rap reply.

    hey bella young fella
    we gonna tella
    youz to take yur rappin
    wich your gumms aflappin
    an stickem in yur ear
    or even in yur rear
    cuz we aint payin
    an we jus sayin
    we dont feelya
    as a Pittsburg Steela

  25. I’m really bad
    At rap-ap-ping
    Stinking it up
    When I try to sing

    Better take the 12 mil and be grateful you idiot

  26. I think Snoop Dog needs to mumble some sense into LeVeon’s bloated head. The Steelers will keep him this year but he is history next year. He is not the image they want to project.

  27. Pay the man!!!
    Go into cap catastrophe for an RB….. Every smart run organization does!!!!

  28. Hate to say it, but I have poled Big Ten students with the question “Which team in the conference consistently has more players who look like they’ve never seen the inside of a classroom?
    7 out of 10 answer “MSU”.

  29. He does not need football as he obviously can make millions more as a rocket scientist or brain surgeon. This dim-bulb won the lottery but refused to cash his ticket.

  30. Guy’s a tool. Dumb as a box of rocks. If I were Pittsburgh I’d rescind the offer and turn my back. Have fun with free agency this late in the game. RBs just aren’t worth it.

  31. Hey milkcan44. If you “poled” that many Big 10 students, you have a whole different issue! If you meant “polled”, then maybe it’s been a while since you saw the inside of a classroom.

  32. It’s so sad that’s man made of glass who has a drug problem thinks he’s worth that much.

    I’d say that the simple fans of Pittsburgh deserve better, but they really don’t.


  33. Mr. Rooney needs to rescind his offer and cut him. Having a disgruntled player on the team will do nothing but divide the team. They are better off without him

  34. Steelers fan for life here…I was over this clown’s act after the first “rap.” I don’t think he’s worth the 12 million he’s supposed to get paid this year. IMO, he will be nothing but a distraction to the team, and most likely, will get hurt in the first few games because he is not in football shape. Not saying DeAngelo Williams was on the same level as Bell, but when I look at the stats from the 2 years Williams was there, I don’t see a 10 million dollar difference…sorry.

  35. I’m sure Mr Bell only wants 17 mill because he is such an unselfish person that he only wants more money to donate to the Harvey Fund. SMH. I just traded him in my fantasy league for I.Crowell in Cleveland. Rooney should do the same…

  36. Quite the corner Bell finds himself in. He plays well, Steelers tag him again. He plays poorly or hurt, and no one pays him the dream contract he wants.

    Steelers are pretty smart outfit. That’s why they contend every year.

  37. It seems LeVeon has some of Tylawspicksix blood in him….you know mumbling dumb things every time he opens his mouth. Difference is LeVeon should get $12 million this year…lame.

  38. Speak English Bell and stop demanding money. Perform better on the field and you’ll get paid, although I don’t think the best RBs in the NFL will get $17 million a year.

  39. I’m not worried about another man’s money, it’s enough for me to stay focused on having what I need for me and mine. Just let me know what time they kick off so I can have my snacks ready, thanks!

  40. Forget about the $17M. I’m still a little shocked that PIT offered him $12M per! You just don’t get that as a RB in the NFL. They’re kind of like the pets of a car that are “designed to wear out and be replaced.” Teams think of them as alternators or timing belts, not like the QB position that’s considered the drive train. Teams want to replace a set of tires, not a transmission

  41. He’s obviously going a little soft between the ears if he thinks he’s going to get anywhere near $15,000,000…with the Steelers or with any other team. If he makes it too the open market, he will find about what the Steelers offered.

  42. Anyone saying “Cut Him” is either as delusional as Bell or is a fan of a different team hoping the Steelers shoot themselves in the foot. Is he being completely unreasonable? Absolutely. Is he worth rostering this year? Absolutely. Personally, I think he’s sayin’ $17 because he truly thinks he should get $15…and starting higher and rolling down is how negotiations work. Frankly, he appears to be losing his marbles…but the team has the control & they will run his wheels off, until the they fall off.

  43. Bell, and all franchise level players who want long term, big money security contracts need to look at each year as a prove it year. You need to play at least 13 games, delivering 5 yards a carry, etc., to get the kind of money Bell wants. His body has not been cooperating, and his attitude is not helping.

  44. ” Personally, I think he’s sayin’ $17 because he truly thinks he should get $15…and starting higher and rolling down is how negotiations work. ”

    Any running back asking for even $15 mil may as well be asking for a billion.

  45. Steelers fans deserve better than this and I hate the steelers! I’m sorry you are dealing with this turd

  46. Who would’not want Le’veon Bell on their team? He’s the best all around back in the game. A lot of non-steeler fans posting about him. That should tell you something.

  47. Best back in the game. Also one of the biggest idiots. The more he pushes himself away from the organization and its fans, the less likely he is to be resigned for his asking price. EVERYONE is getting sick of him. His rap sucks. Hopefully the rookie JC tears it up and Bell has to sign somewhere for under 8mil next year.

  48. First we have a president trying to negotiate through Twitter, now players are negotiating through (c)rap videos.

  49. SF – CLE – PHI. All have large amounts under cap. Make a trade. Get it done. CLE – trade Crowell/picks for Bell. SF – Hyde/picks for Bell. PHI – trade Blount (1 yr low dollar deal) and picks for Bell.

  50. Move him asap. I can just picture Art sitting in the den listening to this toolbag rappin his demands.

  51. paison says:
    he is the best in the game and is a true workhorse. he needs to be paid like one.

    The Steelers offered to make him the highest-paid runner in the game and he turned it down. What part of that painfully simple equation escaped you?

  52. Think about what this man is actually saying. “I’mma need 17” Is it possible he is referring to the fact that if he is injured in practice/training camp, his 2017 season is lost,as well as his chance at a big contract? It’s a big if,but if he can stay healthy and have a great 2017 and the Steelers win #7,then his earning potential/bargaining power is much greater than the 1 yr. franchise tag he will be playing on this season. Bell is not stupid and I am pretty sure he realizes 17 mil is never happening no matter how much cap space a team has. I expect the thumbs down for this comment but at a minimum it will get you thinking.Peace

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