Panthers add $2 million in incentives to Greg Olsen’s contract

Getty Images

Tight end Greg Olsen wanted a new deal from the Panthers earlier this offseason, but it looks like he may have to settle for the chance to earn more money in his current deal.

PFT has learned, via a league source, that the Panthers have added $2 million in incentives to Olsen’s contract. Olsen is set to make a salary of $6.5 million this season and has a $250,000 workout bonus.

Olsen said this offseason that he believes “business should reflect productivity” and the incentives reflect that desire. The incentives are tied to receptions, receiving yards, average yards per catch and other honors. Olsen has averaged 80.5 catches and just over 1,061 yards per year over the last three seasons.

If Olsen attained all the possible incentives, he’d make $8.75 million this season, which would push him closer to the top of the pay scale for tight ends.