Dolphins cut Matt Darr

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The Dolphins will have a new punter this season.

Agent Brett Tessler announced on Twitter that the Dolphins have waived punter Matt Darr.

Darr spent the last two seasons in Miami and posted a net average of 39.8 yards on 182 kicks. He was set to make $615,000 in the final year of the three-year deal he signed with the team as an undrafted free agent.

The move leaves Matt Haack, an undrafted out of Arizona State, as the only punter on the Dolphins roster. With players getting cut around the league over the next two days, however, the Dolphins may opt to make another move at the position rather than take Haack into the regular season.

5 responses to “Dolphins cut Matt Darr

  1. I doubt they opt with someone else. The battle was close and since Darr has been on the team for a couple years they went with the cheaper of the two even though the difference is small. The deciding factor could easily have been that he is a leftie and that spin is different from most punters possibly leading to more turnovers. Not a bad reason and I believe the hoodie does that as well.

  2. FinFan68- that is a good point regarding advanced strategy… but this is plain and simple about money. Not the $150K they save against the Cap this year, but rather he will be a Free Agent coming up and it would be expensive going forward. Haack cost nothing for 3 years AND outperformed him with an Average Net by 9.8 yards!

  3. I’m afraid this will come back to bite us down the road. Sure Haack had a good preseason and saves them some cash, but Darr has 2 full years of experience under his belt and made a few clutch, game-changing punts for us last year.

  4. “It wasn’t as easy as some people make it sound,” Gase said. “Matt did, I mean, he competed and he improved and those two guys battled. And at the end of the day that’s the decision we decided to make. We feel that we have something special there. And the fact that he’s left-footed. It works out. It’s tough for returners. I know my time every time we played a left footed punter it was always non-stop conversation by the special teams coaches.”

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