NFLPA makes it official, filing temporary restraining order in Ezekiel Elliott case

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It’s official: The NFL Players’ Association has filed for a temporary restraining order in federal court to vacate any discipline imposed on Ezekiel Elliott by abriter Harold Henderson, according to court records.

The NFL suspended the star running back for six games, and his appeal hearing ended Thursday.

The NFLPA announced earlier Friday its intent to file in Texas, claiming “the NFL and its unilaterally appointed arbitrator” are engaged in a “league-orchestrated conspiracy” to “hide critical information which would completely exonerate Elliott.” Kia Roberts, the only NFL investigator who interviewed Elliott’s ex-girlfriend, recommended against discipline but was barred from telling NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. The NFL insists Goodell was aware of Roberts’ recommendation.

The union will attempt to persuade a court to agree that Goodell’s suspension of Elliott can’t stand, even if Henderson backs it.

2 responses to “NFLPA makes it official, filing temporary restraining order in Ezekiel Elliott case

  1. Aaaaaand next on the Goodell Hit List….

    Iiiiiiiit’s the Cowboooooooooys!

    They seemingly struck gold in their last drafts, getting a star QB and a star RB. Two players that have years of cheap contracts primed to lead the ‘Boys back into the NFL elite.

    Goodell sees this and realizes this could upend his precious parity (not to mention the Giants), and quickly springs into action…

    He doesn’t care whether the player is guilty or not. The only thing he cares about is his power to do whatever the heck he wants.

    Sorry guys, but we told you back when Deflategate was in full swing, anyone could be next. I guess it’s your turn.

    The only good thing to come out of this is another team’s fans realizing that after the Saints, Pats, Chiefs, Skins and well, Boys again back in the uncapped year, Goodell isn’t there to ensure rule of law. He’s there to ensure Rule of Goodell and “parity” (or Jets getting back to the playoffs) through any means.

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