Alex Boone gets $3.4 million to leave Vikings — with no offset

Getty Images

The Vikings didn’t give guard Alex Boone a signing bonus when he arrived in 2016. But they did give him a large chunk of guaranteed pay in 2017, with one very important term: No offset.

Per a league source, Boone’s $3.4 million salary guarantee for 2017 has no offset language. Which means he’ll keep the money, along with whatever else he makes elsewhere.

The move happened because the Vikings asked Boone to reduce his $6.6 million salary, and Boone refused.

The Vikings brought Boone to town in the hopes of injecting a certain edge and attitude to the offensive line. Based on the performance of the offensive line last year, it didn’t really work. This year, they’ll have to rely on younger and cheaper players to step up. And Boone will get paid $3.4 million from the Vikings to watch it all happen from afar.